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Why have soft drinks gone up in price?



  • DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
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    The sugar tax doesn't come into force until next year.

    Bottles of 1 of the leading soft drinks can be found for £1 in Sainsbury's.
  • psstovererepsstoverere Forumite
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    Iceland's are selling 3 litre bottles of R.whites lemonade for £1.00
  • dlusmandlusman Forumite
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    In poundstretcher until April 9th :

    Diet Pepsi £1.99 for 15 * 330ml cans
    = 13.27p per can or 40.2p per litre
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    jadziadjadziad Forumite
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    Drinks with an American parent company will report profits in dollars, and would need to increase prices to maintain the same dollar profit. You could blame Brexit, but GBP was overvalued regardless, so it would probably have happened anyway, probably triggered by something much more economically significant.

    A 10-20% increase purely from devaluation (or, perhaps *expected* devaluation) would be about right.

    I don't think UK based drinks manufacturers would really be affected, but I guess most of the more popular & heavily marketed ones are based overseas.

    I only drink tap water :-\ Years ago I used to drink a lot of Tropicana (owned by PepsiCo, btw) but after a while just saw it as throwing a *lot* of money away, also rots teeth, and I was particularly annoyed when they released a "50% less sugar, whoo!" version which was the same price, but was obviously just diluted 50% with water....
  • HornetSaverHornetSaver Forumite
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    My favourites are the Tesco own brand (not budget) varieties. They do a decent imitation of Dr Pepper, but their sugarfree mango drink is my personal favourite, closely followed by dandelion and burdock. Normally they're 55p each for 2 litres, and often two for 90p (there seems to always be a two for 90p on, but it varies whether they offer the flavours you want).

    For that reason I rarely buy branded. Though as luck would have it I did this weekend because I was helping my parents economically host a BBQ, but with marching orders that we had to have either Pepsi Max or Coke Zero as a soft-drink option.

    Asda do still seem to reduce to £1 when branded drinks are on offer, though the number of drinks on offer at a time seems to be less and I don't think it'll be too long before they jump it up to £1.10 or £1.20. 7UP sugarfree Mojito is commonly on CheckoutSmart either free or reduced so that's an option. Otherwise the only way I know to get branded 2L drinks for £1 or less is Costco, and if you want sugarfree then the only drink you'll get is Pepsi Max.
  • prowlaprowla Forumite
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    If I don't think one particular brand is worth the increased price, then I'll look at another option.
  • Yep I am a Pepsi Max addict and have noticed the same.
  • 20aday20aday Forumite
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    I think the likes of Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Fanta and maybe Sprite/Lilt are manufactured here in the U.K. so I'd put down any increases to the falling Pound and rising costs.

    To be honest I like Tesco's Xero Cola as I can't tell the difference between that and Pepsi Max and it's two bottles for 90p (or 55p each).
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    Currently, I'm keeping the Max addict sorted through Costco as the local supermarkets & Lidl & B&M are all well over a £1 for a 2L bottle, although I smiled queasily at a 1.75L bottle for 98 pence.

    Why even the discounters can't undercut the main chains comfortably I shudder to think, but go along with increased RRP. It's not good.
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    I love Aldi's lime soda and its only 37p a bottle ,delicious with a few ice cubes and very refreshing I am not a lover of cola at all as if it can get verdigris off coins what is it doing to your teeth or insides :):):)
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