Can you get a CJJ on a failed claim?

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Hi there everyone, got myself in a pickle.

The "client" doesnt want to pay me (not that he ever paid in the first place)

I did not sign to his terms as it was un fair but we both agreed on phone that he would amend in due course. This fell to the side and I started work. I have recordings of work and video screen shares etc.

So basically I did to work with no terms written, I was clearly too trusting. It will be his word against mine in many things as we both didnt agree to ANY terms. The only proof of work I have is video recordings with his staff and company etc. His staff accepted my time and work, but he is now disputing it.

I have threatened court action.

We're in the process of buying a house, I have a clean record etc. Is this the right time to be making a claim. If it goes to court and some how the judge says I have a failed claim, is there such thing as a CJJ against a failed claim? Can he then counter sue for "wasting his time" on a failed claim? If yes I would rather bow out now and not affect my chances of buying a house. Please advise, thank you team.


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