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Live Aid - Where's our money gone?



  • PasturesNew
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    I don't give to hyped up "charities" that never seem to solve the problems they purport to be solving.... while those at the head seem to be doing very nicely.

    And why do so many seem to have posh London offices/addresses, when that's just a waste of money so they can look good in front of their friends?
  • kr147
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    And why do so many seem to have posh London offices/addresses, when that's just a waste of money so they can look good in front of their friends?

    Just because they are in London, doesn't in any way mean they are posh! They are often in London because that is where they have access to a lot of other services, events, and much more.

    Some of the bigger charities get a lot of money from corporate partnerships, and it pays to look professional.... otherwise it looks like they are doing a crap job. It's sad but that's just often the case.

    I don't think for a second that they care what their 'friends' think! Many big charities have been in the same offices for absolutely YEARS so the current staff had no say over where their address is!!! I know a charity that has been in the same building for about 40 years, they have been gradually doing up their (very scruffy but excellently located) office, and have now sold it. They costed it all out carefully and worked out this was the best thing to do. In many cases buildings were given to them years ago, so moving could be considerably more expensive thing to do. But they WILL have weighed up the options.

    Pretty much all charities know the concept of ROI!!! They cost everything out and it all has to be approved. If the charity had sold their address because supporters thought it was a 'posh address' that they should;nt be in, they would have lost out on £millions. They thought it out very carefully!
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