Viagogo dud tickets

Can anyone help with an issue I'm having with Viagogo issue please?
Bought 3 tickets on 10th for gig at O2 on 11th March. Emailed to me and printed.
Turned up, had great meal. Tried to then enter the venue and was told tickets void, they had also been sold by Viagogo on Stub-hub :eek::eek:
Contacted their helpline who promised to call me back immediately, 20 minutes later call came back to say sorry no replacement tickets available as gig sold out. Nothing they could do. They would refund my money, and that was it. No manager available apparently to talk to me. :mad::mad::mad:
Having travelled 55 miles to concert, this was not what I wanted to hear.
On advice from O2 staff who said it was not sold out, I went to the O2 box office and bought 3 more tickets at 3 times the price and we then went in.
During gig I had an email for the dreaded Viagogo saying the were organising refund of ticket price and a £50 voucher.
Can any one tell me how I stand as they could not provide replacement tickets please??


  • swingaloo
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    Viagogo do not sell on Stubhub, they are 2 seperate outlets where touts can sell tickets. The person that you bought them from must have put them on both sites and sold them twice.
  • esuhl
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    I think you should be able to sue the seller for "loss of bargain" and claim for the extra money you had to pay.
  • waamo
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    You went to the gig. You had a refund plus a £50 voucher for the inconvenience. What more do you want?
  • p00hsticks
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    waamo wrote: »
    You went to the gig. You had a refund plus a £50 voucher for the inconvenience. What more do you want?

    The OP says they had to pay three times the price of the original tickets to finally get in, so I'm guessing they're looking for the difference in price between what they had paid originally and what they then had to pay again...
  • waamo
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    Viagogo are upmarket touts. They resell tickets they don't own. The OP purchased official tickets from the venue at the official price.

    Viagogo are Swiss based. Good luck if you want to sue them. Getting £50 out of them isn't bad.
  • Hi. I have bought tickets for an event in July and getting increasingly worried about all the poor reviews I'm seeing about Viagogo. Spent all afternoon trying to find a phone number but every number cuts you off if the event is more than 72 hours ago. Just want to talk to a human being. HELP
  • waamo
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    Why do you want to talk to them? Have you received your tickets? If so what's the problem?
  • Oakdene
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    Hang on you're saying the O2 charged you 3 times the FV of the tickets from thier own box office??
    Dwy galon, un dyhead,
    Dwy dafod ond un iaith,
    Dwy raff yn cydio’n ddolen,
    Dau enaid ond un taith.
  • Ok got your drift. There are so many negative comments about Viagogo customer service that I am worried if I will ever get my tickets in time for an event on the 1st July and just need assurances from them this will happen. Lack of telephone numbers and access to talking to someone makes me really worried. Need all the help I can get.
  • I wonder if somebody could tell me what my rights are with Viagogo. I purchased tickets for a event in November this year. Knew I'd paid well over face value but were front row seats as a gift. Tickets arrived and they are for Stalls towards the back. I informed by email straight away (as per previous poster no phone contact available) finally today, two months later having messaged them 11 times I recieved these "options" from them;

    partial refund. You could either:
    Option #1 - Receive £65 to the payment method used when purchasing the ticket(s)

    Option #2 - Receive a voucher for £75, which would be valid for a year and can be redeemed against any ticket(s)

    Option #3 - You may return the ticket(s) and we will attempt to find replacement ticket(s). If you choose this, we ask that you return the tickets you have received to the following address:

    Option 3 doesn't specify I will receive any form of refund. If I choose Option 2 I will be paying £85 for a ticket with a face value of £45, plus these tickets are still on general sale by the venue.

    I believe I have a right to a complete refund end of as I have not recieved the goods I've paid for (all be it viagogo have been stitched up by the seller probably) Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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