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little advice needed please..

i have Certificate of completion from my IVA in 2014 as i made an early final offer which was accepted, however i am in the early stages of selling my house and the searches have found, the restriction on the land registry still applied, should this have automatically been lifted once completion was finalised, also who can take it off?
can i just simply send my cert off to the land registry or is it a long drawn out process with the original IP? obviously worried about losing my buyer if that the case??


  • Your answer is that the restriction should have been lifted, so your first port of call is the IP firm who represented you.

    I would also call the Land Registry as well, this is not a situation that arises very often so get their take on it also.
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    andrews2528 - our Practice Guide explains how such entries are made and how they can be cancelled

    If you ring then our support team are likely to simply refer you to this guide.

    The entries are not removed automatically so we would require an application to do so
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  • I had a similar restriction placed on our house while I was in an IVA. When it finished last year I emailed my IP to confirm that it had been removed and they sent me a letter to confirm this. We aren't about to sell the house, but it was something I wanted for peace of mind.

    As above, you should contact the company through which you had your IVA. Maybe this has been forgotten as your IVA was finished early, but it should be relatively simple to remove this restriction if you have completed the IVA and have the certificate to prove it.
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    Mine came off pretty quick so I assume Payplan did the deed. My mate at the LR confirmed it for me ;-)
  • UPDATE - Thanks for the advice, It hadn't been removed so obviously came up on the searches, 3 phone calls and a email it was removed with 2 weeks.
    The Land Registry were exceptionally quick at sorting it.

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