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Paragliding (tandem) insurance query

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We are going to Switzerland in the summer and plan to do a paragliding flight. We will each be tandem with a trained pilot. The flight will probably be all of 20 minutes.

Most of the travel insurance I have looked at doesn't list paragliding as one of the covered activities. For those that do, it seems they are treating it as if the customer is the sole pilot and the premium more than doubles, eg jumps from £36 to £100+.

An EHIC card covers medical treatment regardless of the activity (I checked with them last week). I know things can happen but should I pay such a high premium for travel insurance when I can get treatment with my EHIC card should anything happen?

Does anyone have experience of this? Or if you have paid the insurance, which company did you use?

Update: I decided that it would be better to have specified cover in case the unthinkable happened. After much more searching I have found AXA insurance that has paragliding in its list of additional sports cover. My premium ended up as just under £50.
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