asian supermarkets in scotland?

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I thought we could make a list of Chinese, Indian and Thai etc supermarkets or grocers in Scotland. These shops tend to be gems for cheap spices, herbs and sauces.

One I know of is [EMAIL="Thai@Haymarket"][email protected][/EMAIL], this shop is just round the corner from Haymarket station in Edinburgh. It sells loads of different Thai sauce concentrates, Chinese curry sauce concentrate all at brilliant prices, plus loads more.

I am really looking for Indian or Chinese versions of this shop in Fife or Edinburgh.
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    Glasgow has a china town, just on the very edge of the city. It's a HUGE supermarket with all the Chinese things you could ever want. Five minutes walk from there you have another called Lims. Smaller and set in a typical store front, but worth a look. Here's a link about Lims for you *clicky* . I'm afraid I don't have a link for the chinatown shop though.

    Hope this helps.
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    i was gonna say theres a chinese shop on cambridge street in glasgow but i was beaten to it ;)
  • I have shopped at chinatown and also here:

    Also even now I don't live in Glasgow I have to go to K R K [SIZE=-1]Continential Foodstores [/SIZE]on woodlands road every time I am passing through. It is more middle eastern/indian and a great place to get spices etc.

    Oh sorry this wasn't really any help... you were looking for places in Edinburgh or Fife. Maybe I should read properly before I post next time.

    I just found this thread:
    Maybe it will help?
  • Theres also the Sea Woo which is literally a few mins from Glasgow City Centre, its in The Point on Saracen St. Cant find any website for it mind you but its always really busy and has a lovely restaurant next door.
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    If you go up on Nicholson Street there are lots of Asian grocers, not supermarkets but they cram an amazing amount of stuff in their small shops. There are Chinese supermarkets on Leith Walk, my colleague thinks the better one is on the left as you head down the Walk.
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    There is also a chinese cash and carry near Garscube road at the bottom of Possil road called Mathews which is very good.
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  • The see woo in Possil is brilliant; not always busy; the staff are the friendliest you are ever likly to meet and i can't reccomend their resturant highly enough!:j
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    Hayfield Ind Estate in Kirkcaldy close to the Gym there is an Asian cash & carry.
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    Two good Chinese supermarkets down the bottom of Leith Walk in Edinburgh. Personally, I prefer the one on the left (going down the Walk) but the other is larger.

    Edit: just noticed that this has already been mentioned, d'oh! Well, another vote for the "one on the left".
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    Theres a Matthews Foods supermarket In Dundee Aberdeen and Glasgow I use the Dundee one regularly and would recommend it to anyone.
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