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How do I respond to Ombudsman?



  • d123
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    007james wrote: »
    Is it 2 contracts on one account or 2 phones on one contract?

    That would equate to the same thing...
  • Leon_W
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    edited 19 March 2017 at 12:50AM
    Over the last couple of years James I've asked for deadlock letters from Vodafone on a couple of occasions.......yes, you can guess the rest........never received, obviously ! Finally got shot of the crooks in December over three accounts, they said the final bills would be posted..........yes, you can guess the rest.........never received any of them, not one, obviously !

    If you want written testimony to present in court that Vodafone don't send out stuff they say they send out then I'm your man !
  • pmduk
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    007james wrote: »
    Also does anyone know if it's policy that both handsets should be sent data alerts when there are 2 numbers on one account? They are blaming me for not monitoring the account and ignoring text alerts which of course I didn't receive to my handset.

    Having worked for a different network the norm is to send the alerts to the handset involved. The network has no way to know you are not using the handset which is in your name. It's always risky giving a contract handset/SIM to a third party of whatever age, you will remain responsible for their bill
  • 007james
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    edited 20 March 2017 at 2:21AM
    Yes but I asked to send alerts to my number and they said yes. I had a long discussion at point of sale as I said second number was for a child and I needed safeguards etc. They said the amount could be capped. Cos there is no evidence that they said then I'm not believed.

    But I do have evidence that no deadlock letter was sent as I have been emailed all the notes from the case by Vodafone via Ombudsman and it clearly states it. No process was explained adequately. Have also cross referenced my calls to VF customer service ( seen on bills) with the dates on the case notes and it appears that the dates are there but notes relating to my queries are missing. ???
  • holdon
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    I am more than interested in those post that have stated that problems exist with Ombudsman Services(OS).

    I have a complaint with Ombudsman Services which was suffered from 'maladministration' as this was confirmed by the Independent Assessor(IA) who found in my favour. The IA was restricted in his review by the limits of his 'remit' and could not pass any comment on the decision of the Ombudsman.

    My complaint has since progressed and is currently with the Minister for review.

    The industry complained of and monitored/regulated was under the Ofcom auspices who are also the Competent Authority(CA), as may be known Ofcom have just announced that they are currently undertaking a review of the ADR scheme so it is important that people with complaints report to Ofcom and submit details of potential 'faults' with the system.

    Please refer to http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2015/542/contents/made

    There is no doubt that false assertions were used by the OS which is the only way that they could support the company complained of, this, in my opinion is 'passing off'.

    The PHSO who reviewed the decisions of Ofcom are now in a very difficult position having taken no action. It is a requirement that the CA review the ADR scheme every two years, in this case Ofcom last reviewed the scheme in 2012. It is stated by Ofcom that they take note of complaints and will taken all complaints into account when they next review the ADR scheme, this they have failed to do in accordance with the ADR Legislation having failed to review the 'scheme' since 2012, I cannot imagine that 5 years complaints will be adequately recorded or considered during the current review and is therefore suggestive of further 'maladministration'.

    I am interested in hearing from anybody who would like to join the party and register their complaints with Ofcom so that the shortfall in 'consumer protection' can be highlighted and acted upon. It is time that we as 'individual consumers' joined together and force regulators to act in accordance with the Legislation, after all it is us who paid for the Legislation to be passed.
  • 007james
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    I am pleased to report that even after Ombudsman deadline had passed I was able to provide evidence from the Vodafone notes kindly passed on by the Ombudsman which clearly stated I wasn't sent a deadlock letter. As a result the original offer of half the data charges was re offered and I accepted. I received £260 instead of £30. I didn't feel it was worth fighting for the other half.

    Warning to all mobile phone customers... ask lots of questions when taking out a contract and if possible use the chat facility and 'save' all chats. They can't then say there is no evidence that the adviser said this or that.
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