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Hi All,

This is my first time posting...

I live in a stand alone new build (not on an estate). Originally when we moved in Southern Water were charging via a meter £20.40 per month and the fresh water supply (South East Water) charged £20.00 per month.

After 3 months Southern Water increased the amount to £30.80 per month, South East increased to £25.00 per month. We were fine with this as we must have been using more water.

3 months later Southern Water increased their charge to £60.80, South East Water continued at £25.00 per month.

I live with my partner in a 3 bedroom bungalow, we have 2 cats, no kids and don't wash our cars very often at home (other half does it at work), we do not water the garden very often either. 2 - 3 loads of washing a week and the dishwasher is on once a day. £60.80 seemed wrong so i called Southern Water, they had us listed as a business and had put us on business rates. I corrected them and they have recalculated the payment to £40.30. This still seems steep to me, especially as we had paid 3 months at £60.80.

Can anyone advise me please?


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