MSE News: Co-op Energy to hike standard rates by 5% - lock in a cheap fix NOW

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Co-op Energy will become the latest supplier to crank up its prices on 1 April when its standard rates will rise by 5%...
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'Co-op Energy to hike standard rates by 5% - lock in a cheap fix ASAP'
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    My Co-op fix is ending soon and I am not too impressed with their current offerings. It seems Co-op customers are going to be subsidising former GBEnergy customers and, coupled with their virtually useless website, I think I have had enough.

    SSE's 2yr fix is looking more interesting to me at the moment, in the climate of rising prices, but time is of the essence these days.
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  • I wonder what the increase on fixes is, as 5% seems quite generous (Though standard is dearer, anyway.)

    I reckon our Npower annual cost going from the present , due to end fix, to the next similar will mean almost 25% increase.
  • I can only wonder what my Npower tariff will be like once my 2 year fixed deal is up next year. At the moment, I'm fixed on one of the cheapest energy deals in the UK, nothing can touch the tariff I'm on. Even IRESA, who I'd never even heard of before, can't match my current tariff.

    I don't doubt that Coop Energy customers on variable tariffs will in fact now be subsidising GBenergy customers.......If I were with Coop, I'd definitely looking elsewhere.
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