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  • AndyPixAndyPix Forumite
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    The one your using doesnt let you have the website?

    Please explain? .

    Iv seen this before ..
    You use the website builder option that comes with the hosting, but then you do not have access to that file structure so you cant simply copy ot the files ..

    If you want to upload your own source files, then you have to switch off the website builder option
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  • DavidP24DavidP24 Forumite
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    Another vote for Wordpress, has a one click install in most hosts, very easy to backup and restore with various plugins, then when you move host you just point at new host and when DNS has propagated you restore the backup, Or you could restore manually before re-pointing the host to new supplier.
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  • jamesdevjamesdev Forumite
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    I am completely agree with you. Good explanation about wordpress and it's plugins. As i also feel comfortable while using it.
  • angryparcelangryparcel
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    EdwardB wrote: »
    What you need is Wordpress, you could consider Joomla but Wordpress left it in shadows a long time ago.

    You do not need to download it and upload to install, It is available as a one click install on most hosting platforms.

    It is totally portable, I have done many migrations myself

    It has 48,000+ plugins for everything you can imagine

    It has templates which some people turn their nose up but I can recommend some mega ones.

    A friend of mine does this for a living, if you want I can PM his details he might set you up with a site to play with, he knows a sheetload more about it than me, has helped me a lot.
    Wordpress is not a website builder it is a template store with its own backend. website builders are things link
  • angryparcelangryparcel
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    DavidP24 wrote: »
    Semantics really. I like to think of it as a website container. The official name is a Content Management System.

    A database that holds all the content
    Themes that contain the design
    Plugins that contain functional code for just about anything

    It is not a template store, it more of a website builder, it does not have a wizard but some themes do.

    Some of the best designers I know have standardised on Wordpress, they still code where necessary, they just value the fact that their investment can be re-used on their own projects.

    Wordpress allows you to build any kind of website you want, from a blog to an ecommerce store.

    Of course you still need an eye for design, to understand your audience and the nature of visitors, so that you achieve your conversion goal.
    It is not a website builder. a CMS is not a website builder, i work in the industry
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    Zola.Zola. Forumite
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    edited 25 May 2017 at 1:07PM
    The thing I found with Wordpress sites are .... they nearly all look like.... Wordpress sites. Also if certain plugins fail it can knock the site offline like a domino effect. It can be painful.

    There are some nice bootstrap themes that can be converted but if you dont know much about web design, you really shouldnt be wasting your time on something you inevitably wont be overjoyed with at the end.

    A key question should be - Do I really need a CMS? If its just a basic site to advertise your business without the need for lots of news updates etc, a flat site built in a Bootstrap Theme would get the site done in no time and for cheap.

    Either way, you are always best hiring a freelance designer and getting it done properly.
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    Zola.Zola. Forumite
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    edited 25 May 2017 at 2:47PM
    DavidP24 wrote: »
    Some do look similar, but it depends what you are after, this is one theme with 250 type of business site

    For me it always starts with the budget, then the content, both quantity and type.

    However, not using a CMS has considerable disadvantages

    There is nothing cheaper than free but you are investing your time, copying and pasting all that content at a later date will be a pain.

    Also changing a theme is like redecorating your home, what is modern today can look very dated in a few years.

    Being able to change the look and feel of a website without coding is great, not to under estimate the configuring and tweaking takes a lot of the time.

    I definitely think people need professional help but not necessarily by a designer, seriously when I look at some sites I think the designer should be punished!

    I think you need someone who will listen to your goals for the site and be honest with you.

    I would not use Wordpress for everything, but for quite a lot.

    I would never recommend those website builders that come with the hosting, it is akin to using some random program to do what Excel can do. Fine if you need the likes of SPSS but for the basic sites they create, yeeeuk.

    That's a lot of stuff for 60 dollars! When you develop a site for someone do you do it in localhost mainly first and then upload when all approved? I have never really moved Wordpress from one hosting server to another etc. I've done a few for some folk though who needed to post their own news etc

    I like building flat sites when suitable, I find it much quicker for me than working with wordpress.... when building flat I will use php includes to control the common features across the site like menus etc to speed up development, though!
  • RedalligatorRedalligator Forumite
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    I use Wix for my website. I tried at least a dozen different web builders before i settled with Wix. It has a good price plan and is easy to use. They do not have live support though which is a bummer but their email support is pretty good.

    Another very easy website builder is Weebly. I was with them first but due to the nature of my website i was not allowed to make a website with them.
  • deskhelpdeskhelp Forumite
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    You can even try learning things on wordpress, Joomla CMS application to design your own website this will open more options.
  • AndyPixAndyPix Forumite
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    ^^ Not spam much
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