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I just want to ask if anyone else on this board has had a bad experience with this shop?
My parents have just come home today after approaching the shop about a JVC plasma 42inch tv they bought at a cost of £3600 off them and it lasted 3 YEARS 5 MONTHS before dying!! My mum sent it to craigavon to be repaired only to find the problem was un-fixable.My mum was devistated at loosing so much money and contacted JVC who replied with a letter stating that yes indeed the problem was un fixable as it would cost more than a brand new tv to do so!!!! They also admitted that they supported the '' 6 year rule'' (which says according to trading standards electrical goods should last for) but on this occasion they couldnt offer to do anything for her!!
After phoning a local helpline for consumer rights( who said she had a very strong case and was well within her rights to claim) she was advised to go back to the shop she bought it from- cs electrics- and it was up to the shop to sort it out.......and they dont want to know!!
The owners reaction was that this was a more than ample time for one of these tv's to last (!) and he said it was fair usage ( only mum+dad in the house and they spend 3 days a week away from home!) ultimalty he wouldnt be doing anything to help her and was very rude and cocky to her,she told him she wasnt happy and would be contacting the small claims court and he couldnt have cared less.
She now wants to go to the small claims court as his reaction has helped to strengthen her determination in getting some sort of pay back ( she isnt looking for her £3000 back but something towards a new tv would be helpful) though what she really wants to do is stand outside the shop on saturday with the tv and a placard saying this shop thinks its ok for they're tv's to last 3 1/2 years at this price,lol!:T
Anyway does anyone have any help about the local small claims court and what to expect? Do you think its ok for the shop to do this-anyone know what rights mum has or what the shop owner must do by law?
Im sorry to make the post so long but i wanted to get it all out!!
I hope someone can help or just share some advice...thank you all:money:
xxx laura
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  • I'm really no help whatsoever, but £3,600.00 for a tv????:eek:

    Seriously though, I know where she's coming from - a replacement tv would solve everything - the shop must have had such a mark up on that last one she bought they could afford to give her a new one with the profit they made!
  • yes woofwoofwoof i agree £3600........abit on the extravagant side but they never ever treat themselves to anything and work very very hard and dont forget it was 3 1/2 years ago when this type of big tv has just arrived! BUT......they are spending my inheratance,lol,and im proud of them for it!!
    Yeah i bet the owner went on a nice holiday over that one!!
    We have looked into it abit more a moment ago and apparently the 6yr rule is only for things that were actually faulty when purchased and dont just develop a fault but i feel she still has a fair case for something so expensive not lasting a reasonable amount of time( as she says-she has a portable tv thats nearly as old as me and its still going strong!)?what do you think?
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    Get in touch with Stephen Nolan show - he loves these issues!
  • Im sorry.. but i think you should go to the manafacturer.

    the tv is over 3 years old.

    The shop will not be able to do anything with it, if it was within the first year then they may have been able to send it of for warranty repair, but as it is outside the 1 year period, it will be difficult for them to do anything about it.

    I think its up to your MUM to call the manafacturer/write etc etc.

    If you bought a brand new car with a years warranty and used it 4 days a week for over 3 years, later it developed a problem, would you think it up to the dealership you bought it from to fix the fault??? I woundnt think so, you would have to pay to fix it yourself.

    in these instances, you can contact the manafacturer to see if they will do anything like a goodwill gesture to get a percentage of the cost back.

    over 3 years is a longgg time to expect a brand new unit
  • The manufacturer was her first contact-TWICE! she wrote 2 letters mainly letting them know that it was such a big fault that it could possibly justify a recall for the model.she has NERVER asked for a refund but did suggest a goodwill gesture from JVC ( and were talking £'s here not thousands!)towards another tv which she felt was not too much to ask! JVC didnt want to know!
    After seeking further advice she was informed that when you buy anything your contract is with the person/shop you buy from NOT the manufacturer and it is their legal right to sort the problem out for you so this is why she contacted the shop!
    by the way it is my MUM who is doing all the writting+phoning ect but as im her daughter and feel shes been screwed,the least i can do is find out what i can for her (considering most people on this board are friendly,understanding and helpful!)
    yes i do think 3 years is too long to expect a new unit...but i certinally dont think its long enough for a qualitly JVC £3600 tv to last!!
    Mr.Nolan could be talking to her tomorrow.......simply because the shop owner behaved like a moron to MY MUM!!
    thanks for the replies so far.
    Laura xx
    it takes more energy
    to hate than to love...
    love and relax!

  • I'm afraid the price of the television has little to do with the length of time you can expect it to last. Being an early adopter of new technology can mean you pay large amounts of money for products which get quickly cheaper and better.

    A decent 42" plasma telly can now be yours for £650 (try Empire Direct). Annoying as the situation is, I have to ask - is the stress of fighting for a few quid off a new one worth it? I know it's not the answer you want, but maybe you should take your own advice in the sig at the bottom of your posts...
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    Did it fall off its stand or something, maybe they could claim on their house insurance :confused:
  • no it didnt fall,it is the PDP board (?) that has gone which i assume is the brain!!
    mum has decided to goto stephen nolan-she knows she probably wont get any compensation but wants to teach the owner a lesson in manners and polite customer service!! so listen out for it,lol.
    thnx for the replies....and yes,im using my energy to love,lol,just not cs electronics!!!
    it takes more energy
    to hate than to love...
    love and relax!

  • happymummy well done to you for helpin your mum and also staying friendly and pleasant despite the tone of SOME of the posts on this thread. i would have expected a plasma costing over 3k to have lasted a lot longer than that not necessarily due to the cost. maybe citizens advice or a solicitor could offer you some advice?
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  • I would contact Linda McAuley on radio ulster's On Your Behalf consumer programme. She's the woman who'll get it sorted.
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