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Replacement conservatory roof advice please

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    The glass roof option is a good solution in the short term provided the original roof structure has been upgraded to take the extra weight of the glass. The trouble with a glass roof is that the life span of the double glazed unit is likely that it will break down in the future and need replacing and the capping that holds it in place becomes brittle and break. And with this ever evolving industry your unlikely to get a match when it comes to it. New solid roof option would be a far better option
    giving you the use of a room you could not use. There are many options out there some who use aluminium structures some who use timber my preferred option would be a timber one due to condensation problems with ally unless they have thermal break roof rafters generally a more cost effective solution. You only have to think how long your house roof has lasted to how long your conservatory has so a no brainer to this option.
    Multi foil insulation has a much higher thermal insulation value than its solid counterparts if applied correctly.
    Some of the insulation that is being used have some other down falls such as its combustible quality's some insulated plaster board being use has a polystyrene insulation backing this give of a highly toxic black smoke as it burns and ignites all to easy.
    Many of the solid roofs being replaced are not self supported and are just placed directly on the original conservatory not taking into account of the construction below. This can be rectified by replacing the corner posts taking them directly to the brick work below and maintaining a 12 mm deflection gap above the frames. This process may take a little longer to do but will keep much of the weight off of the old windows and doors giving you the maximum use of your old units and make it so much easier to change at a later date.Using a timber construction with ceiling collars.
    Gives space to fix your spot lights in without compromising the insulation values also this helps with the structural integrity of the roof.
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