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Has the moderation on the forum been changed recently or the policy?. It is noticable in the Arms especially that a lot of long term posters have ended up PPR'd. The thing that concerns me is that the posters who are dissapearing are not what you would class as trouble makers, they seem to be the more interesting and thoughtful type who have contributed a lot to the forum in the past. I do wonder if they are being targetted by a reporting group operating on that part of the forum. Is it just the number of reports a poster gets that leads to them being PPR'd?. The problem is that due to type of poster being banned in the Arms at the moment the forum which used to be interesting and quite vibrant is becomming stale.


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    I think it's changed recently. It seems that posters get banned in batches now which leads me to believe the moderation is sporadic i.e. not being dealt with on a regular basis but more as and when they have time. And I'm sure the mods don't actually read the supposed offending posts, they just take the reports at face value, delete post, black mark against the offending poster. X amount of black marks = warning/Y.C......X amount of warnings/Y.C.s = PPR. And they don't look at who is reporting who :cool:
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    ^^ this seems to be the case in the most recent ban as the post that someone objected to was made several days ago, post still there but not the poster.

    Even sadder her 10k posts congrats thread has been locked and I'm sure no-one reported her posts about feeling ill. (Actually maybe not that sure)
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