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Hey guys, my sister has just got engaged and she's already planning the wedding ha!
She wants the wedding to be quite chic and crafty but not run into the £1000's. Has anyone had a similar wedding and got any tips on how to reduce the cost?
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  • Cheapest way is a DIY approach - possibly your sister could hold some 'wedding craft' parties for members of the family, her friends etc and provide snacks and drinks while cajoling those present to do a bit of making. A browse on ebay, Etsy, HobbyCraft or the like will give loads of ideas of things to buy and assemble.
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    What kind of wedding is she really after?

    Pintrest is full of ideas that can be very cheap. Or it can become a wish list of things that will take hours and end up costing a bomb. My sister in law found many things she had to have - which nearly killed
    My Mother in law as she felt these were things she then had to do for her. Also many of them weren't as cheap as she seemed to think they would be.

    She'll need to write out what she needs e.g registrar / venue dress suits etc. And have a budget in mind - and then see what she may have spare for the extras she wants.

    I'm struggling with this - I know my partner is planning to propose - he's got the ring (my grandmothers with the shank reworked in platinum as it was already set in platinum). He didn't like my choice of silver which would have been £60. I don't get why I get a sparkly ring and he gets a sore knee.

    I want a tiny cheap wedding - because I'd rather have the cash to save for a house deposit - but I can just see it will end up being a mad spending spree.

    She needs to what she wants and what she can afford and then see what she can get / or get help with.

    I know I'll be able to make my own invites and mil
    Will help. But to be honest having seen the sister in laws and knowing how long they took and how much they cost with card etc may just want to send out emails / texts.

    Gosh I am So unromantic. Haha. You can decorate recycled jars filled with wild flowers for
    Virtually free if the wedding is at the right time of year. But then getting married mid week off season will save a bomb.

    How crafty is she? Or are members of her family / friends. My sister in law knew an amazing florist so all
    Flowers were arranged for free and bought direct from wholesalers. She had masses so we're still exspensive - but they looked incredible.

    Get her to window shop pintrest. That'll take at least a week full time - it's addictive. And anything she sees that looks like it'll take 10 minutes will potentially be at least 30.

    A lot of the ideas for my sister in law came from there and it did look incredible - but was also still more expensive than first thought.

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