Redundancy and jobs in same organisation

My role is at risk during the present re-structure of my employer. Having seen the new JD's post re-structure they all contain a requirement to be able to travel t'out the UK which my present role does not have. I cannot agree to that new requirement for family reasons which my immediate management chain are aware of. However, the organisation has 2 vacancies locally outside of my department which have no travel requirement and I can meet all the job requirements. These posts are now open to external candidates (having never actually been ''internal only'') and I mentioned that surely good practice is to interview me now (closing date is 2 weeks away) and if I'm successful then slide me over. The response was ''apply anyway because you already have an advantage'' Am I correct in saying that the employment law covering re-deployment locally is only a guideline not mandatory? Thanks


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    If the jobs are here you want them assessed as potential suitable alternatives.

    That process can be through interview.

    if the compnay is generaly good about not trying to avoid paying out and forcing people into jobs they don't want then there is little to lose by applying.

    Going down the you have to offer me the job its the law etc. is something to keep back.

    Often the reason these sort of situations arise is the people recruiting have no idea there are a bunch about to be made redundant that would be ideal for the jobs.
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