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Right, I started my IVA In October 2014, since I was made redundant following the birth of my 2nd child I have found it difficult to be happy in the dead end jobs I seem to keep picking up. I have a dream and I want to follow it. I have just separated from my partner after a mentally abusive relationship where I have been made to feel downright hopeless. I have now realised that's not the case and I want a future for me and my girls!

My question is has anybody ever gone to university whilst in an IVA and been able to maintain their payments?

I've done a rough calculation of student loans/bursaries and child care costs and the difference in money is astonishing. I'm currently struggling and can't see a way out in the future unless I finish my qualifications to enable me to have a career.

Would I be eligible for a student loan in an IVA and is my ip likely to just laugh it off and tell me that if I wish to study my IVA will fail?

Any help greatly appreciated!!


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    Could you do distance learning (open university or similar), alongside your current job until the IVA ends ?

    I would think as a full time student you would struggle to make any IVA payments, this would jepordise your IVA. If a full time course for 3-4 years is the plan and you have no assets (is home) to protect, maybe going bankrupt would be a way forward. In bankruptcy I doubt you'd have any disposable income to pay over so wouldn't get an IPA, it would muck up your credit history for 6 more years though
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