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MSE News: Viagogo customers unexpectedly charged £100s following website 'hiccup'

Gig-goers have been left hundreds of pounds out of pocket following a 'hiccup' on the Viagogo site...
Read the full story:
'Viagogo customers unexpectedly charged £100s following website 'hiccup' - check your bill NOW'
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    If those 'fans' decided not to fund the greedy promoters who direct tickets directly onto the secondary ticket markets and refuse to pay the greedy sums asked for they will soon decrease their asking prices, or see it as a money maker to boost their profits (afterall why sell the tickets for £65 when some idiotic fans with more money than sense will pay £650 for the same tickets to avoid the sense of missing out)

    (Or as soon as the government outlaws secondary ticket selling for events for more than 10% of face value the better, do you really think buying a ticket for £300 from the likes of Viagogo the artist sees more revenue than if you purchase it for the face-value?
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