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Hi hope someone can help. Back in 2012 my husband worked in a newly opened restaurant and opened an account with Npower on their behalf. But he left in February 2013 as the restaurant was due to close which it did shortly after. Then in August 2016 he receives a letter from the county court to our home address addressed to him (but as a Mrs) saying he owes npower £6k from bills dated June 2013 to July 2013. As no mention of the restaurant was stated he replied to the court saying we don't have an account with npower and will not pay this and he also told them that he is a MR not MRS. We didn't hear nothing back until a week ago he received a court judgement (again as MRS) so I called their solicitors which weren't helpful stating that this bill is for the restaurant and we need to pay or get a solicitor or go citizens advice bureau. What do we do? To be honest, we can't really afford a solicitor. This is really stressing us out and are scared we'll have bailiffs come to our home. Any help would be great
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