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Hi all,

I've recently got a new credit card and in the name of debt reduction I'm wanting to transfer my Next account balance to it as a balance transfer however I need my account number.

Which is where my trouble has started, when I contact Next they tell me that they don't provide the 16 digit account numbers for balance transfers any longer!

How is this right and is it actually right?

Has anyone had a similar issue and has anyone managed to transfer their Next store card to a credit card?

Thanks in advance 👍🏻


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    Is your account number not shown on your monthly statement ?
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  • Hi Ebe

    Nope, only my customer number.

    Interestingly enough there's obviously an account number because the last 4 numbers are shown on my credit file.

    This seems to be a non disclosure decision on behalf of Nex ��
  • Clear the balance of your NEXT card by making an online payment with a credit card of some sort and then transfer that balance to your new interest free card ?
  • When my account was set up on online banking it was the general Next bank sort code and account number and had to quote my customer number starting HP****** as a reference.

    An option to think of which I used to clear my balance (didn't BT though).

    Go to Morrisons and buy gift cards to value of Next debt (they do them in £25, £50 and £100) and pay on another credit card. You get 10 points per £1 spent on gift cards. Then BT the balance on your credit card to the new credit card - plus depending how much balance is you get bonus of Morrisons points which could earn a gift voucher.

    You then enter the gift card numbers on payment screen of Next account, you can enter as many card numbers as you like.

    I did it when Morrisons still did the fuel save promotion and bagged myself a free tank of fuel. (though I paid on debit card as had monies to clear it). Tesco stopped their promo with extra points on giftcards.
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