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why is my washing machine filling up with water when off?

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why is my washing machine filling up with water when off?

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jamminjamaicajamminjamaica Forumite
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can anyone help?

my washing machine is filling up with water even when it is turned off. is it the machine that needs fixed or is it the water connection?

i do not really want to have to call a engineer out to look at the machine if it is faulty plumbing. any thoughts?


  • It could be that it is back syphoning, this is when water runs into the machine from the waste pipe of the sink. Ensure that the waste pipe of the washing machine is higher at one point than the drum of the machine, this will prevent water running back into the machine. Normally this would fill the machine with dirty water.

    Or it could be a faulty water inlet valve, which will fill the machine with clean water. To see if it is this close the washing machine valve/valves overnight and see if it still fills. If it does not then try them individually until you find out if it is cold/hot. Then you may need an engineer to replace the valve, although it is easy to do. Sometimes if you open the soap drawer you can see the water dripping down at the back.
  • The_JinJThe_JinJ Forumite
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    I reckon weekendwarrior is right with the valve. I fixed something similar on my own machine a few years back - part cost a fiver or so - easy to fit.

    Shut off the water and electric to the machine - open the top and you should see the valve - will look something like this (or two seperate valves)
    Mark the cables connected to the spade connectors so you can put them back correctly - unscrew the inlet hoses from the back of the machine, remove pipes to vale inside machine (mark which is which if necessary) and then unscrew the valve from the machine.
    Replacement is reverse of above - make sure you have the rubber grommets inside the valve pipes where the hoses connect to make a good seal - get new ones if needed instead of using existing because they may be perished.

    I realise they aren't perfect instructions but if you need more info post back - you'll need to source the part or post your machine/model here and we can help.

    Good luck!
  • thanks folks. will pass the info onto my hubby.
  • RealistRealist Forumite
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    Check if its clean or dirty water, if its clean it could be a problem on the incoming water supply, if its dirty then you know its the outgoing.

    Also check and make sute that the outlet pipework is installed correctly because sometimes when you run a nearby sink the water can get back into the washer that way and if thats the case then as suggested check the valve and pipework.

  • Mine has the same problem. It is a 2 years old Ariston A1636. Do you know where to order the inlet valve?
  • kwattkwatt Forumite
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    Hi folks, if you have trouble tracking down the parts please give Dave a shout on [email protected] as he'll track it down or an alternative, which could save you a fair few quid.

    Do make sure it's filling with clean water though as it is more common for them to "backfill" as we call it, where the machine fills with water from the drain, which you can read about in this article I wrote.


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