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Very ashamed to admit...

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pinkthinkspinkthinks Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
I'm 31 years old & I don't know how to cook a chicken.

I've got the little blighter sitting in the fridge, OH at work and he's the cook but really want to cook this for when he gets home.

Can anyone help me? I'm talking basic instructions here...



  • floydfloyd Forumite
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    How much does it weigh?
  • SolaSola Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    How much does it weigh? I always calculate on 20 minutes per pound, plus an extra 20 minutes, at 180 deg C (with the oven preheated). Put it in a roasting dish (on a rack if you don't want it sitting in its own juices), sprinkle on any herbs or flavourings you like, and away you go :)
  • This is helpful! You brave brae soul!! I am glad I am not the only one who cant cook a whole chicken - actually i think i probably could do it im just a wuss! I will be printing off all tips! :D
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  • 1.4kg, according to packet.

    It's also tied up with some string - why?

    I'm not keen on this cooking lark (Did I mention I'm a right girl's blouse when it comes to squidgy stuff?!)

    Thanks to all in advance.....
  • PookyPooky Forumite
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    I always wash my chicken/meat first - cold running water - give it a good rinse through before cooking. (and remove the string - it's just there to keep it's shape in the packaging.)

    Place in a roasting dish, breast side down first. Cook for about 25 mins on 180 deg c and then flip it over so the breast side is up (keeps it nice and moist) - back in the oven for the remaining time - weight dependant.

    To test it's cooked properly, stick it with fork at the deepest part of the meat and see if the juices run clear....if in doubt - bung it back in for another 10 mins and test again.

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  • PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
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    Wow. Go you. I'm 46 and never cooked one yet. Not cooked any meat.

    But, I do remember from when my mum used to do them on sundays:

    Wash it out. The inside. Hold it under a running tap for awhile and make sure the inside is clean. Make sure you cleared out anything stuffed inside it (plastic bag of giblets for example). Don't look at these. they're disgusting!

    When it's clean, you can stuff it (if you want).

    Tie up the ends/legs so it's not gaping.

    You need to know the weight of it to do it the right amount of time.

    People might tell you to do other things like:
    - rub stuff on the outside for various reasons (butter, salt)
    - cover it entirely in foil, then uncover it at some stage.
    - cover the ends of the legs with foil anyway (stops them burning I think)

    You'll need to turn it over at some point while it's cooking. So probably need to have it breast side down for starters, then turn it and expose the breast for browning.

    Not sure about basting.... or how much fat to put in the dish (if any). Others will know these things.
  • PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
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    P.S. For "easy looking cooking methods" I'd follow Delia (not that I ever cook!)
  • thriftmonsterthriftmonster Forumite
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    Also very few chickens come with giblets anymore - but just check inside the chicken cavity for a little plastic bag and throw it away if there is one - but there probably won't be.
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  • Many thanks all... pastures new thanks for the link.

    I will now go & wash my chicken, whilst saying things like "eeewwww" , etc.

    One step at a time I say!

    I know when OH has cooked chicken he's put it on a wire rack in the roasting pan with water in the tray. What do you suggest - should I use the rack or just straight in the tray? Do I need to put oil in the tray?

    I told you I'm really not clued up on these things.
  • floydfloyd Forumite
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    I would just put it straight in the tin without any oil as the chicken will produce fat to stop it sticking to the pan.
    I take mine out when its cooked and rest it on a wire rack for 10 mins as it is easier to carve meat that is slightly cooler. Very hot chicken meat tends to crumble (in my hands at least!)
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