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  • Halfway through the month. Mortgage lender sent us our annual statement; we have overpaid £1346 and have knocked two months of our term. When we first moved in I was hoping for more but really did underestimate just how much work we had to do.

    Next month is OH's birthday, so I have booked a guest house for us to have a couple of days away. One advantage of shifts is that I've booked leave when OH is on rest days and we can take advantage of the midweek deals.

    We're insanely busy at work so I picked up 6 hours of paid overtime this week, should get it paid the end of February. Today is my only day off this week so curled up with Netflix to relax a little. Ran through the accounts and managed to glean another £100 to stick on the mortgage.

    Current balance: £258,800.00
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    So today was both good and bad financially! We put down a deposit on our velux windows (£2000) which will be fitted at the end of the month, which will be good in the long term.

    Had some money come in today. Got our £30 cashback from using the Energy Saving club on MSE, finally managed to get one of my tutoring invoices settled from November (£128) and cashed out £9.50 on TopCashBack from Christmas. So put another £100 on the mortgage. I think one student is never going to settle their bill and is refusing all contact which is... infuriating to say the least!

    Current balance: £258,700.00 (2% now paid!)
  • Shame about the student! I hope they come around.
    Mortgage started at £318,000 in June 2016. Original MF - 2041 :eek:
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    Total OPs: £29529
  • Thanks Tropically! I hope so too. I get that private tuition is expensive (one of the reasons I do this as a second job, I enjoy it, it plays to my strengths and it pays far more than my day job), but you also know the costs when you sign up. The agency I use is going to try and recoup the costs by a debt collection agency but I'm not convinced how successful they are, so we shall see.
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    You're going great guns :T. According to your SOA you have around £1,700 a month left over - do you know where that is going (on the house I expect!) - it might be worth keeping a spending diary to make sure you're not creeping over?
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    :) Mortgage Balance = £0 :)
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    Hello! You sound like you have great plans and the work on the house will be worth it all in the end, especially with a good location!

    Well done on your OPs so far!

    Jodles :D
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  • Gallygirl - You're right, mostly on the house! This month I put £450 on the mortgage as an OP, and the £2000 on the velux windows. My theory is that we are in this for the long haul, and it's nice to have a large surplus, as we never know what is coming. I use the daily expenses app to keep track of all our spending, so far we're ok, although we're only seven months in!

    jodles16 - Thanks Jodles. :) It's amazing how much of a difference it has made already. Looked at the photos from the EA advert earlier today- I can't believe how different is all looks.
  • Not been a great week down here. My grandfather was taken to hospital last week and sadly he passed on Sunday. The hospital phoned on Sunday morning and thankfully we made it in time to say our goodbyes while he was sat up and still recognised us.

    Means there have been a few expenditures that we weren't planning but I can't regret. Train fares, an extra tank of petrol, hospital car parking and a couple of takeaways because I really didn't have it in me to get around the lack of oven in our kitchen for once. Also, OH was truly wonderful in so many ways and I bought us some Lola's cupcakes (OH loves them) as a thank you for everything.

    Before we lost him, my OH did get paid, and my runner student finally settled their invoice so I put another £200 on the mortgage. Will worry about finances again after the funeral.

    Current balance: £258,500.00
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    So sorry to hear your sad news Michelle, look after yourself (& your Oh) at such a tough time. X
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  • Oh Michelle, I'm so sorry. You are in my prayers x
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