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  • Sorry for your loss x
  • chelseablue
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    Very sorry for your loss x

    We have a big mortgage too, current balance £225,814 so will be following your diary!
  • Sorry for your loss x
    Thanks, it's been hard. I guess I've been lucky that I've never lost someone so close to me before.
    So sorry to hear your sad news Michelle, look after yourself (& your Oh) at such a tough time. X
    Thank you. OH has been so amazing - I've been fairly useless and would have completely fallen apart this week on my own.
    yorpington wrote: »
    Oh Michelle, I'm so sorry. You are in my prayers x
    Thanks, it's been an emotional couple of weeks. Hopefully things will pick up soon.
  • Very sorry for your loss x

    We have a big mortgage too, current balance £225,814 so will be following your diary!

    Thanks chelseablue. Good luck with your mortgage - will follow your diary too.
  • Been a difficult week here, spent the weekend with my grandmother helping her clean up the house - personally I think it's a bit early but if it's how she wants to deal with it then I will be there for her. We have the funeral booked for a couple of weeks. Next weekend we have a family weekend away, so hopefully we can keep her mind on something positive.

    Payday today thankfully, and I got a few hours overtime that I wasn't expecting. So I put it on the mortgage.

    Current Balance: £258,400.00
  • Into February! Spent most of the last week at work and helping organise the funeral. I think funerals have more drama than weddings. At least after next week I can go back to pretend my douchebag uncle doesn't exist.

    So far this week we have mortgage day and rent day, so we put most of one lot of rent on the mortgage as an OP. (£241.48).

    It was OH's birthday and we tried out one of the rodizio places as a treat. I managed to find the restaurant on Groupon (£14.50 instead of £22.95 each) and Groupon was TCB so got another 8% back there. Not bad!

    Current Balance: £257,500.00
  • CathT
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    So sorry for you loss Michelle. Times like this really can bring out the best and worst in people.

    I always forget to check groupon, great find!
    Feb 2024 - part 1 - £32,339 part 2 - £25,218 Total - £57,557 45 months to go!
  • Thanks CathT - it really can. Every time we sorted something about the funeral, he would drop in, convince my grandmother that actually she wanted to do Y but then not put any effort into actually helping. The groupon was great, especially as we were going anyway!

    Funeral was on Monday and it was a lovely service, I think he would have liked it. Have learned that the hassle of a funeral plan is not in any way worth it, but local businesses are very good in difficult times and don't try to fleece you at every turn. We had the wake in a local pub, exclusive use of their dining room, a cold buffet, tea and coffee for everyone and we covered the first drink at the bar. Thirty people came and the bill was £350 (and my grandmother ended up with a plate of chicken drumsticks to take home and save her cooking that night).

    Both of our neighbours have started to ask when we're getting the back garden redone. I can see what one side are getting at as their garden is immaculate, but the other side are being a little cheeky. Ah well, maybe it means they will contribute to the fences being replaced?

    Three quotes so far for replacing all the fences and landscaping the garden. It's a gut it and start again kind of job that we're looking at. 4.9k, 5-6k (dependent on parts) and 10k. So far the 5-6k guy gave me the best feeling of the three so is my current choice. Two more contractors coming tomorrow so will discuss them all with OH and pick soon.

    Looking at April/May for the garden so will need to save. Also, we paid £2.7k to have the velux windows replaced in February, which are wonderful and I love having new rot-free frames in my windows that block out so much more noise than the old ones. (And I didn't think the old ones were much of an issue. You buy on a main road in London, next to a pub and train station you don't expect silence in the evenings. But now we have it!)

    My overall aim for 2017 is to put 30k into either the mortgage capital, repairs and OH's student loan repayments. So far we have put 2.3k into the mortgage capital and 2.7k on the velux so we are on target. Although the garden means that we won't be able to OP as much as I'd like until the summer.

    We did get £200 in OH's payslip in overtime and that has gone on the mortgage.

    Current Balance: £257,400.00
  • michelle09
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    edited 14 April 2017 at 12:15PM
    Well it's been a little while! We had a major inspection at work a couple of weeks ago (my profession's version of OFSTED/CQC) and that involved a lot of time and effort getting us up to speed. But thankfully I found out this week that a) we passed, and b) I am actually going to get paid for the 44 hours of overtime I racked up in March. Hopefully I will get that at the end of April.

    I have also been on holiday. :D It was a friend's wedding in the US, so I spent a week with my SiL in Boston, walking the freedom trail and seeing all the sights, and then flew to the west coast for the ceremony. I used Norwegian Airlines to get to the US because they were charging £99 each way for the transatlantic flight. I didn't end up paying for the domestic flight because the bride insisted on booking it as a thank you for helping out with her flight to my wedding. I wasn't expecting it but she wouldn't hear of me paying her back.

    For that price I had low expectations but I am happy to feed back that the flights were fine! For that price you don't get to pick your seat, check baggage or have the inflight meal/drinks, but I travel with hand luggage and find airplane food universally awful anyway - even if the gluten free is properly booked. The inflight entertainment was good (take your own headphones, they charge $3) and I had brought food from home and drinks from the airport (at $3.50 for a can, even airport prices are an improvement). On the way back from the US, I just took empty bottles through security and filled up from the plentiful water fountains after security.

    We've booked our garden/fence replacement too. They are coming the first week of May and I am so excited. It's a disaster zone right now and I am keen to have somewhere nice to go and sit during the warm weather (even if we do back onto a main road). Because of this OPs have been a little light, but I've rounded things off and will be back on track once the garden is taken care of.

    Hope everyone who is off this weekend is having a good one. :)

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  • michelle09
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    What's this? A weekend where I am not working Saturday OR Sunday? It's amazing and I have done very little.

    This morning we did our weekly shop at Asda, and am feeling quite happy as the reduced counters were full of good stuff. Enough that we could treat ourselves at a relatively low cost! Loads of bags of veg/stirfry mixes/ beansprouts down to 30p so the fridge is a little full. I did slip and pick up a new GF Goodfella's pizza, but I like to try and support companies that branch into GF food because I want them to keep making it!

    Lodgers are both out (I haven't actually seen one of them since Wednesday) and OH is at work so I am sat on the sofa with Netflix and my craft box. I've got a few birthdays coming up and I have enough beads/cord/caps that I can handmake some nice personalised jewellery for folks.

    Current Balance: £255,300.00
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