O/S Daily Friday 30 December 2016

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O/S Daily Friday 30 December 2016

This is an “over the garden fence” type thread where we chat about everything Old Style and maybe a little bit more. It’s a great, inspiring and motivating thread we start each day to discuss what Old Style things we’re going to do today or what we’ve achieved already. Everyone’s welcome, please do come in, put your feet up (although check the fence hasn’t just been painted first!) and join us for an Old Style natter. The more the merrier!

As this is the Old Style Board, it would be appreciated if posts could include some Old Style content. Please be aware that many people may have small screens, or SLOW internet connections, so please don’t post large pictures, or clip art – links are preferred. When you make a post, if you feel like giving it a title, that will help others that don’t have the time to read everything skim through the thread quickly but if not it's not a problem. Please do not start a new daily thread before you go to bed at night because this often leaves things confusing with two daily threads live at the same time. The idea is that a member would start each new daily thread after they get up in the morning.

Some people who chat here like to try to answer everyone. Don’t feel you have to though, a general “hi everyone, hope everyone’s well” is fine.

Morning everyone

Hugs to those that want/need them, thinking of all those who are suffering, have family who are suffering and those with heavy hearts x

Happy birthday to those with a birthday x

Still dark here, cold and frosty yet again.

DH up and gone to work early, but not stupid early. Boys still in their pits.

Dinner last night was fish, chips/jacket potato, beans/veg, ice cream, biscuits etc for dessert - biscuits will feature as dessert for a while in these house as we have so many! Not sure what dinner will be tonight, but I still have quite full fridge/freezer and store cupboard - I can't buy much in the way of frozen food as there's no room, so need to start using it up. I'm hoping to have dinner tonight and tomorrow lunch/dinner from stores/fridge/freezer.

Yesterday wasn't particularly productive, although I did get to town to visit bank and building society, got done there what I needed. I do need to crack on with some washing, drying and ironing today, but first thing I'll be heading to the SM to stock up on fresh bits as we're all back to work/college on Tuesday. I'll just potter along today and get as much done as possible.

Keep safe and well x

nmlc x


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    Morning. Just popping in to say hi, and my thoughts are with all those having a tough time and feeling poorly.

    Off to run DH to hospital, his car is sick. Possibly not worth replacing. Ouch.

    Have a great day everyone. I'm going to be doing the headless chicken thing - parents for Hogmanay and then In-laws and screaming things on New Years Day:D
    Goals - Weight loss 6/26lb at 22nd Jan 18
    Mmmm. 26lb at 1/7/18. Oops:o
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    Morning everyone.

    Thanks for the thread nmlc.

    No plans for today except doing a bit of 'mum pampering'.

    Coxy - I hope things go as well as they can today. I wish your family strength to say their goodbyes.

    Lainey - you and your family are in my thoughts too.

    JackieO - such good news about Ted. Fingers crossed he comes home to your family soon.

    Happy Friday to all.
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    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]Morning :santa2:[/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]tiredmum That's a lovely thing to do, passing on Ziggy's things to dogs that need help x I hope you're OK xx[/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]I want to make sure I keep busy so I've written a timetable for myself. Some things are rigid and I won't change them, others can be swapped around depending on what's needed at the time. My diary is filling up quickly, quite a few things don't need to be written down but I work best with a list. If it's written down, I'll definitely get it done. Then there's the satisfaction of crossing things out as I do them :D[/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]I also want to double my profit. That sounds like a huge thing but it really isn't, my income hasn't exactly been massive for the past couple of years :D[/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]It's very foggy here, I'll be staying in and keeping cosy in the house. The washing on the airer is dry, I'll put that away then run the hoover round. No plans apart from that.[/FONT]

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    Good morning,

    Nmlc thank you for starting us off.

    I always love the daily thread, even in normal times, but in these days of forced confinement with illness it has become more and more precious, while I read others posts and post my stuff I forget I am stuck a couple of thousand miles away from home. It is a real lifeline, thank you dear friends.

    Plan for today... ermmmm... a bit of coughing, a bit of sneezing, lying in bed counting the seconds for Tomorrow! Sailing Day! And willing every fibre of my being to fight the virus and get ready for my journey back.

    My mother keeps being wonderful and irritating in equal measures and I am sure she will be as keen to see our backs as we are to leave. Not the right circumstances to spend Christmas with a difficult old lady. But credit to her, she has been an absolute rock in practical care terms, it would have been horrific to be stuck in a hotel, both sick as we have been. Pity that she keeps reminding us of this fact LOL.

    My mother can't fathom why I am trying to stay off the medicines as much as I can, she is the ultimate pill-popper and has blind trust in the Power Of Antibiotics, luckily her doctor, who visited us both, doesn't agree. She gave us both some stuff to make breathing easier and some antiinfiammatory supplements and told us the illness just got to run its course.

    Anyway, I had a relatively good night even with a couple of bouts of coughing, luckily I am managing to escape into sleep a fair amount. Please please cross fingers for us that we are well enough to catch the bus to the harbour tomorrow. Once there it will be ok because the ship is comfy and we have a booked cabin. DH is much, much better but still rather weak, but he has said that no matter what, he's out of here tomorrow!

    Lainey I hope your DM had a good nights rest.

    Coxy, thinking of you and your family on this sad, sad day.
    Finally I'm an OAP and can travel free (in London at least!).
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    Morning folks and thanks NMLC. Noticeably warmer this morning and no frost.

    Thinking of COXY and family today. xx LAINEY and DM too xx

    Such sadness on here just now and very little good news so it was lovely to read about Ted JACKIE. Hope he is soon fit enough to live with DD's family.

    The trip to Leeds for Mr TA's appt was uneventful and went to plan yesterday. Just hoping the injection perks him up as the op and then the bug have knocked him for six. Leeds was busy with sales shoppers as expected and I was determined not to join them. BUT (!!) on walking through M & S from the bus station to the train station I was tempted into a quick browse in the Per Una section. A cream lace top caught my eye and just my size so what could I do but buy it!

    This morning I have the pleasure of the Friday clean round and then two of the DGDs are getting dropped off by their dad at lunchtime till DD finishes work. The middle one has a matinee panto performance. She is still loving but DD is worried about all the late nights after the evening performances.

    Have a nice day if you can and ((HUGS)) to all in need/want. Take care xx
    "If you dream alone it will remain just a dream. But if we all dream together it will become reality"
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    Just wrote proper long post rather than quick pop in post and before I could post it, it vanished.
    So I shall confine myself to sending love and supportive thoughts to those who might need them, especially Coxy and LaineyT. But not excluding others. Looking forward to hearing about Ted.
    I was jumping to conclusions and one of them jumped back
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    Morning All

    Dry outside at the moment but still very dark so can't see the sky. WM just about to finish - I may put it out for a blow as I am about today if it looks fine.

    Lainey - Your DM is in the best place now, you and your family have given her the best care and company anyone could have. Wishing you the strength you need.
    Safe travels caterina.
    Little Ted sounds to be just what the family need JackieO. I hope he is with you all soon.
    My thoughts are with you today Coxy.

    I'm looking after my friends rabbits and budgie, the rabbits are no problem as I can pop over the road and feed and water them but I am terrified of the budgie, it pecks at me every time I go near the cage. It has had a sore eye for a few weeks and I've got up this morning to blood all over the cage and budgie (it's bright yellow). Thinking I'm going to have to phone the vet as there is no way I can clean it up and can't stand the thought of it being in pain. Typical!

    Went for a walk yesterday and called at Aldi on the way home, they have my favourite wine back in stock, hurrah! I could only carry 2 bottles but will take the car today to get some more - not that I drink that much but it could go again soon!

    Hope you all have a good day, take care. XX
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    Morning everyone, thanks for the thread nmlc.

    Cold and clear here with a hard frost, the heating has kicked in so the house is warm and toasty.

    Actually slept quite well for a change, only woke up a couple of times during the night and managed to get back to sleep straight away.
    I think my Uncles are planning to visit Mum today but with a nice little cafe on sight I can easily slip out of her room for a while to give them some time together, the facilities are very good as it's a new building that's only just been opened. They have a very holistic view to care and we completed an in depth questionnaire about many aspects of Mum's life, beliefs, interests and what's most important to her and that information will be available to all care staff :) Mum will certainly be well looked after.

    JackieO, was so pleased to read that another little dog will get a new home with your DD's family, fingers crossed that he is well enough soon.
    Cliffsgirl, many condolences re your Dad and thank you for sharing your positive experience of the care he received.
    Coxy, you and your family will be in my thoughts all day, gentle blessings to you all x

    Take care everyone x
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    Thinking of you Coxy and Lainey. Has anyone heard from Hilstep recently?

    I am still battling a stomach ailment. I thought it had gone before Christmas but it came back on Boxing Day. I'm so fed up of it.

    We are supposed to be having friends round tomorrow evening but if I'm still like this I will have to cancel. It may not happen anyway as one friend's father is very ill in hospital.
  • Morning all
    Coxy thinking of you and your family today at such a difficult time
    Lainey I hope you can find five minutes just for you to recharge your batteries your mum sounds like she is in the right place with lots of support that is there for you all as a family as well
    Jackie O sounds like a wonderful new addition to the family
    Tru I am a list writer as well just waiting for the return to work for the rest of the family and i can have some quiet time to make some
    Right am off to take mum shopping and then start taking down the decs they are getting on my nerves now
    Have a good day whatever you are up to
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