The365 Day Penny Challenge

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A friend of mine has just started this challenge on Facebook and I thought it seemed like a fun way of saving.
I have started this thread to keep me motivated but if anyone wants to join me then please feel free to do so and I will start a challenger list.
Also if anyone knows of a simular challenge then please point me in the right direction as I have searched and can't seem to find one.
The idea of the challenge is that
Day 1- Save 1p
Day5- Save 5p
Day 100- Save £1.00
Day 365 Save £3.65

By the end of the year you will have saved £667.95.

I am not going to save in order of the day as it will get quite expensive as the year goes on but will do it according to the loose change I have at the time. I have started a spread sheet and will shade in each amount I have saved.

Looking forward to meeting fellow money savers :j

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Make £10 a day in May- £90/£150


  • I'm doing this aswell :) and I'm not doing it in order either
    Mum to two girls chloe & Lily-Rose
  • I hope can keep with it because its a great way of saving and keeping it fun.
    Good luck, lets hope we have the full amount at the end of the year.
    Make £10 a day in May- £90/£150
  • IrishRose12
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    We done this last year for our Florida holiday in July and it was great. I'm joining in again this year
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  • Hi Irishrose, is there an existing challenge somewhere I don't know about as I would love to join to keep me motivated, otherwise I'll keep this thread going.
    Make £10 a day in May- £90/£150
  • We put all loose change (20p or less) in an old whiskey gallon bottle and I have just counted and it came to £55 and this is from September. We don't miss this change wonder how much it will be if I left it for a year.
  • Kim_13
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    I'm thinking of getting a new phone in the new year so will be looking to use this as a savings vehicle for that purpose. I too won't be doing it in order so that I might have amassed enough part way through the year.
  • Talia1
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    I like this savings plan, it's doable and would fit into my Christmas budget, please count me :j

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  • Sounds good, I wont be doing it in order and will just add to our quarter full whisky bottle - no idea how much is in but should come to a tidy sum by Christmas. Will have to make up a chart, I like a visual progress check.
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  • helejenkins1
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    Great well I think theres enough of us to start our own challenge so I will go ahead and give us all numbers
    1. helejenkins
    3. Litchielou
    7. Welshkaren45
    8. Queeofcolouringandtea
    9. Tinks112
    10. theresamum2
    11. 2sonmum
    12. Tinah
    13. Jellie
    14. Jevvers
    15. Barnez
    16. focus888
    17. Honeysucklelou2
    18. Doris17
    19. Ladygri
    20. Pickle_99_uk
    21. 32b3

    Feel free to update when you like and I will keep a tally of how much we save throughout the year.

    Good Luck everyone.
    Make £10 a day in May- £90/£150
  • Me too please xx
    Aiming to spend less,want less and need less.
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