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Hi, I am new to the MSE Forum and wonder if anyone has any advice regarding requests for bank details. Probably like others I recently received an offer from latest free to purchase Edam cheese and upload a receipt to claim funds back after also completing a short questionnaire. However, the page then asks for you to input your bank account details in order to receive reimbursement. I stopped short of giving bank details out as I wondered if this was safe. I contacted and they advised I perhaps contact the Edam UK web site for advice bit I have yet to receive a reply. Is it normal for web sites offering promotions to ask for your bank account details - usually they ask me to print off vouchers but giving out bank details concerns me. Many thanks


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    Since when did buying cheese online become Going Out...?

    Posting an an appropriate forum would help - and only posting one thread. Spam isn't welcome here, no matter how good it may taste with cheese.
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