Tesco Broadband-HELP!!



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    As I've said before its not all bad with Tesco! I have had no problems! I love them!
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    I used to use the Tesco Dial Up service - nightmare!
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  • I can understand your frustration David as I was distraught without my connection for two days last week. Hope you get somewhere with it soon. I went and read some of the horror stories in the links you posted and it was exactly the same problems I encountered trying to get through on the help lines. I too decided they were based in India and cut the call short when I realised he was going to talk me through setting up the modem etc when I had already had two weeks of successful connection.

    I used Tesco dial up from when they started and was more than happy with them, always first time connection and only cut off at the two hour point. Never had any reason to email or phone them during these years until I emailed regarding them starting broadband and they were always quick to respond. My broadband connection too is great and speed is 576.

    It does sound as if your problem is the distance from the exchange etc do you have any friends that work in BT as that seemed to work for one of the posters?
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    On a slightly different note, a while back I set up an account for Tesco pay-as-you-go dial up, I cancled as soon as the direct debit was set up when I saw that NTL was involved (big problems with them in the past).
    I am now tempted, less so after reading this post, to sign up for Tesco broardband, can anyone tell me if NTL are implicated in this too?

  • Apparently yes. As I have said I had absolutely no problem with Tesco dial up, found it great and apart from the two days last week where Tesco was "down" I have found broadband great. BUT having read what I have I would leave it for a couple of months yet until they get the initial problems sorted.
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    Hi David,

    You can learn how to do links Here

  • I've still not been able to connect to Tesco Broadband and still without any response from Tesco.
    I have e-mailed ofcom and watchdog regarding this saga.
    Fingers Crossed.
    I will read up on the site link info.
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  • I have been having terrible problems with tesco broadband too, I started another thread on this cos I failed to see this one.

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