adele wembley stadium concert question

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I managed to get some tickets for the general standing area - doors at 6PM

how early should you start queueing to get in to be able to get somewhere near the front of the standing area ?

Im guessing some people will camp overnight but when is the queue likely to build up significantly ?


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    Lunchtime , looking at the plan the stage is centre pitch
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    Depends what time your comfortable queuing up to be where you want during the gig.
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    How badly to you want to be at front?

    For Human League last week in Southend I got there 2 hours before doors and got to the front.

    For Rod Stewart a few years ago I got there about 4 to 5 hours before doors and again got to the front.

    with Adele being so popular it's anyone's guess what time you would need to be there to get to the front.
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