Can I paste the wall when hanging textured paper

A few months ago we tried a paste the wall paper for the first time and it was amazingly easy.
However, the walls in our lounge are so bad that we have had to resort to buying Arthouse Textures paper.
It says to paste the paper and let it soak for 10 minutes.
Two questions: Will it then shrink back?
Can I avoid all this and simply paste the wall as we did before?


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    I would go with what the wallpaper states for best affect.

    As far as i am aware (i could be really wrong, and never tried this myself) paste the wall is the same 'paste' but made in a thicker consistency. However, it is most likely that a thicker paper needs the paste to soak into it for it to stay up... as it is thicker, and heavier?

    I recently wallpapered my living room with heavy lining paper (to pain ontop of) and matched the seams up pretty damn good. Nothing has shrunk, and it is still a neat job.
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    I wouldn't paste the walls and definitely not if it says to paste the paper and let it soak. Letting it soak in makes it more pliable and easier to handle, in my opinion anyway. Pasting tables are quite cheap to buy.
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    I'd say no, mainly pasting the walls seems to be for lighter papers, textured tends to be heavier, if you do as it says in the instructions you cant go wrong.
    And with the cost of wall paper, why would you even risk it.
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