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Hiya Peeps, My yearly DMP review is nearly here. After going through my bits and pieces and I find I have a spare £200 going spare (obviously joking) can I tell Step that I am only going to put £100 towards my DMP?

Many Thanks, Carol
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    I would see if you can legitimately up the allowance for some of your expenses and then put any extra you get aside somewhere you won't get tempted. Both for emergencies AND to eventually make full and final payments :)

    How long do you have left on your DMP? How much is outstanding and what do you pay each month?

    And DO you have £200 spare each month??? If not, where is it trickling off to?
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  • Morning Mrs. Tinks, Years and years left unfortunately, £31,000 and £5 a month. I have no emergency fund whatsoever so if anything goes wrong it has to come out of our wages so we are always back to stage 1.

    All MSE's, Please don't take this the wrong way but how come some people with over £10,000 in savings can still only be paying their £5 and SC want to put mine up and I'm not on a huge salary - I apologise if this comes across moaning (I know it does butI was just wondering).

    Thank you.
    LBM 10/9/13 £40,571 (SCARY). NOW DECEMBER 2016 £31,805.

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    It sounds as though you need a review in any case. How have you been left in a position where you're not able to build a small emergency fund, for a start?

    Why not do your SOA and pop it in here - might be we can see some areas you can make savings, or you'll spot some places where spending has crept up without you noticing?
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