MoneySaving Poll: Would you bend down to pick up a penny?



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    I'd also look in the wallet to see if the person had any cards in there, I'd hand it in to their bank - that's a better way of doing it as banks have honest staff, .

    Try finding a bank round here! All the local bank branches have been closed down. And even our local police station has now closed down.
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    Ok I am talking about finding a penny on the street and not finding a good amount of cash like some seem to be suggesting:

    I pick up coins I spot on the floor that seem abandoned.

    I have a copper jar at home and add it to that.

    Used to put it in the coin machines each year or so but these days load it in the self scan machines. Adds to my pot of £20 a year or so shopping for my and others throwaway cash.
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    Why isn't there the option of "Leave it, why to I want to risk contracting worms!"
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    badmemory wrote: »
    The results are much what I would expect for a poll on MSE. I would expect a poll on something like Facebook to have quite a different response.
    Also, as usual for MSE polls, there is no totalled result showing all the categories added up. (In this case, it wouldn't make much difference as all the categories are high for "I'd pick up a penny", but often it's hard to tell what the overall picture is - in fact impossible, as the numbers in each category are hard to see or not there.)

    Personally, it depends on how tired I am, how my back is feeling, and how clean I feel the area is.
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    A woman has be taken to court and pleaded guilty to theft after picking up a £20 note she found:

    I think its good they have taken a strong stance on this because this poll shows that over 96% of people think its ok to "steal" money if someone drops a small amount on the street!.
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