MSE News: Welsh students to benefit from 'generous' student finance system

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The average Welsh student could potentially pocket £7,000/year in maintenance grants from September 2018 under new plans...
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'Welsh students to benefit from 'generous' student finance system – grants of at least £1,000/yr to be given to all'
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  • Obviously agree in principle - as grants should never have been abolished imo.

    But I'm not sure this has been thought through properly - as there are a lot more people going to university these days than those who would have typically gone a generation ago.

    The Welsh Assembly is already funding free prescriptions for everyone and extra costs of printing everything in a second language (ie Welsh) - ie extra bills to those covered by the Government for the country as a whole. If this third extra cost is added in - then I'm not sure whether there will be sufficient money there to fund such a commitment.
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    MSE_Callum wrote: »
    The top rate grant and loan support will be £8,100 for a student living away from home outside London and £10,125 for those in the capital.

    Meanwhile, those from a household earning above £59,200 will only receive the universal £1,000/year maintenance grant.

    Someone earning £59k takes home less than £42k (if they're lucky), but might be expected to make up the shortfall of up to £9k in lost grant/loan out of this?!

    Am I missing something? Because that seems barmy, especially under the magnifying glass of the current Martin Lewis crusade about making parental contributions to university grants/loans more transparent!
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