reclaim PPI when loan company not known

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My husband bought a mini in 1998 and signed up to a loan through a company that Ryland Rover used to provide credit to their customers. Unfortunately he has forgotten the name of the loan company and obviously Ryland Rover are now out of business. He has contacted his bank but they are unable to provide bank statements back that far. He has paid to have his credit history printed off through equifax but strangely it didn't seem to be there. I feel we are now clutching at straws but has anyone got any ideas of how we could find the provider of this loan? It was a loan for over £10,000 so the PPI payout could be a large one!

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    It's not strange that it's not on his credit report. He must have finished paying it off more than 6 years ago?

    If Ryland Rover sold you the PPI, then you have no one to complain to.
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    The size of the loan is irrelevant if you don't even know if he paid PPI

    1) You complain to the people who SOLD it you, not the finance provider (unless the salesman worked for the finance provider) - the company is out of business
    2) Car dealerships were not regulated until 2005 - this sale in 1998 is thus unregulated so they could dismiss it without access to the FOS regardless
    3) The people providing the finance are not responsible for the sale, it is sometimes possible in more recent sales for the underwriter or insurer to take responsibility but there is no guarantee
    4) You have no paperwork, they probably won't either

    This one should be put to bed
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    There's a possibility it might have been Black Horse, but to find out, he would have to send a speculative SAR and £10 and hope they have records from 1998. Unlikely being 18 years ago.
    And as above, he would have to hope if it was them, they'd take responsibility for it, which isn't likely.

    No one is autmatically entitled to recalim thir PPI money, you make a complaint that it was missold, and you provide your reasons for this.
    I'm with the two answers above, forget about it.
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