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I am new to machine knitting having just become the proud owner of a Brother chunky machine and wondered if there was any forum relating to this.
It would be great to be able to chat to other like minded people and to see what everyone is are making.


  • Hi, I`m not a knitter now, but I can imagine how you feel! 40 years ago I had an ancient knitmaster - no bells & whistles, but still plenty of scope for being creative. I only hated the fact that it took longer to sew up a garment than it did to knit the pieces! I had an arrangement with a neighbour who had a 4 year old son same as me - I`d make two of everything, and she`d sew - her son and mine had many jumpers made simultaneously, just varied the odd stripe of another colour. I also made countless hat & mitten sets, great for using up leftover bits, and sold loads of them for our local animal rescue.
    As a beginner, I found making small garments a quicker way to learn to use the machine.
    I`m sure you will get loads of pleasure using yours, though it`s very different from my old thing, but I have noticed your post and no replies. I`ve also noticed that another thread on this `crafting` board gets very few posts - the `Sewing Room` thread. I have taken to my sewing machine again in a big way since semi-retired a year ago, and am very disappointed that that thread seems rather dead. I`m sure there are loads of folks who sew and knit with machines, but don`t see the threads where they are at present. they seem a bit hidden away. I`ve been wondering whether they`d be better on the Old-style board, if only on the grounds that making your own stuff is relevant there.

    Good luck with your new machine, happy making.
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