Reclaiming PPI from Halifax credit card

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Almost a year ago my husband wrote to Halifax advising he believed his PPI was missold on his credit card. He received a response from Halifax who said that they were awaiting clarification of some new rules in relation to the reclaiming of PPI and would be in touch regarding his claim in due course, although advised that it could take up to a year. We chased again for a reply and have just received the same response. Does anyone know what these new rules/legislation might be as Halifax has given us no indication? Thanks in advance.


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    Did they mention Plevin at all?

    Maybe scan the letter (delete the identifying details)?
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    The FCA proposals are still in consultation. They issued one consultation in Nov 15 and that had to be tweaked. That is about to close and is expected to be in place around March 2017 exactly as it is proposed.

    It means your complaint has not been successful as the proposed new rules only apply to rejected complaints.
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