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Am I getting overtaxed?

Hi folks,
To make it straight, I been working in a company for 5 month and after that because some financial difficulties in a part of the business my self and another 12 colleagues have been made redundant.
This happened 16th of October so I had my pay in lieu until 16th of November, a month notice.
I receive my last payment past Friday which should be:
-October full salary (which is 2000 pounds minus tax, around 1640 pounds a month)
-16 days of November 1023 pounds with tax
-And 10 days of holidays and overtime I had in my pocket, 923 pounds with tax.
So all of this make 3955 pounds with tax and I have a payment of 2917 pounds.

Is there something wrong or it's just my mind playing tricks?
Please see attached image with my last payslip (All references erased)

Many thanks.

http:// /Xadhimk .jpg


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