How to get drawings printed onto fabric

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Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but ill give it a go. My brother is great at drawing anime, and i was hoping for christmas to get one of his drawings printed onto a tshirt for him. I know its possible to iron on things like this (I think) but is there any other way? I would have to try and get his drawings from my mom and get it done.


  • Hi there,
    Putting your brother's drawing onto a t-shirt really is quite easy using the iron-on method. You need to scan the drawing into a computer and then print it onto t-shirt transfer paper (Wilkinsons), not forgetting to reverse the image before you print it. You transfer the image using a hot iron but that is all in the instructions.

    Transfers work best on light coloured fabric.

    The alternative is to take it to a local printer but you may find that a bit expensive as one -off orders are usually expensive.
    Good luck, it's a lovely idea!
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    The iron on transfer is the easiest way. Certainly my route of choice 19 times out of 20.

    For the bedspread, I borrowed an Over Head Projector (vintage tech), got the drawing copied onto an acetate then pinned the bedspread to a wall & got on with a nametape marker and brush on fabric paint. Took ages but time well spent as Himself is just awed I went to that much trouble.

    It's also a bit twitchy to wash, whereas the transfers just need half a brain cell not to overheat in the dryer.
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