The No More buying Computer Games Until I have Completed Them. Thread

Ok so who here buys a computer game (PC/Xbox/Playstation etc) starts it and never finishes the game...

Who has a habit of buying the latest release when they come out...

Dose anyone Complete a game before buying another one (I don't do that)

I usually buy a game when it comes out if I want it and got quite a few I haven't finished or hardly played..

So what are you lot like with buying games etc


  • Al1xAl1x Forumite
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    Me, I hardly ever get to the end of a game. I've decided not to play my newer games until I've completed my old ones.
  • GTR_KingGTR_King Forumite
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    If I see a game I like for cheap I usually get it but sometimes hardly play it, I should only buy a game if I know I will complete it
  • LumanousLumanous Forumite
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    Definitely need to catch up on playing PS games... I have a bundle but have a bit of a 'guilt' thing going on at the moment meaning I don't let myself just chill and play games. Hopefully later this year can get back on it and actually get them played! :D

    Hope you are sticking to your 'not buying any more' plan!
    No, my username is not a typo :tongue:
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