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The Simple Bare Necessities feat. Gratitude & Recipes

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  • Greying_PilgrimGreying_Pilgrim Forumite
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    Good Morning :hello:

    Yesterday was reasonably successful. I suppose the 'cleaning and tidying' was a bit lite :o. But I did return library books, so no fines there. It means I've only one out at present - a cookbook natch - but it's proving a bit of a curate's egg. So perhaps i just need to take some of the advice from the book and apply it to my own cookery, rather than trying out recipes that don't seem to hit the spot with us and, more importantly, BG.

    It did remind me though that I have recently had a book that I hadn't even seen on the 'budget cooking' radar. And wondered whether it would be any use to MSE'rs - unless y'all know about it already? I think that the author, Limahl Asmall, started out as a blogger? But now has a book in print, 'Tiny Budget Cooking'. Now, whilst I didn't find anything specifically in it for me - it was a leetle bit light on veggie dishes and again, what there was wasn't new (to me) - what quite impressed me about the book was that he'd taken all the elements of what Jaymee does/teaches us, and what Economy Gastronomy tried to do and what Marguerite Patten banged on about for nearly a century... and has put them into one book. I think that the book would be good for an omnivorous household that is on a small budget, and I think it would be an excellent student book (where you're cooking for more than one), again, where people are used to eating a diversity of food/dishes but need to cook them, themselves to keep the costs down.

    The book features; suggested alternatives for ingredients (not always innovative and not always budget concious, but it makes a change to see it in print!), ingredient quantities for you to make up your shopping list - to accompany the weekly meal planner (there are 4 weeks worth), and comes with the ethos of 'cook once, eat twice'.

    Borrow it from your library first though, or visit his website (same title as the book - but currently under maintenance........) :money:As you may not agree with what I think about the book :D And I didn't feel the need to buy it.......

    We had HM pizza for tea last night - black olive. I made wedges to go with. I wasn't going to buy anymore tatties from HB, as I had enough for the wedges last night, but I want to do baked tatties for Monday night's tea and I saw a pack with a couple of 'baking size' ones in, so I did buy a bag.

    I need to do some batch cooking today, as we are out of pasta sauce/pizza topping and I need to cook up some lentils.

    Tea this evening will be curry and rice. I will use up the last of the gifted runner beans and anything else that is in the fridge and freezer :D

    Can't think of owt else MSE at the mo. So I'll bid you adieu, and say ta for popping by. Appreciated.

    Greying X
  • brizzledfwbrizzledfw Forumite
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    Have a great weekend GP and the recipe book sounds interesting for DD1. Thanks for the 'review' , will request from the library.

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  • Greying_PilgrimGreying_Pilgrim Forumite
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    Arrgghh brizzle - I'm feeling a weight of responsibility now :rotfl: Mind, I do think that if a young person has some capability with cooking, it would be a good book for them :D Let me know what you think - even if my suggestion was pants :D

    Well, we're on a roll this morn. Lentils cooked up and cooling, tomato sauce for pasta/pizza topping made :j Time to go and play with BG :j

    Greying X
  • I'll be looking up that book I think,, Kitty likes to cook and it won't be so long before she's off, maybe something useful in it for her!

    Sounds like you've been having a busy morning!
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  • Think I'll have a look at that book too. I'm ashamed to say I never follow a recipe and just chuck everything in until it tastes/looks right :rotfl:

    Have a lovely weekend x
  • Greying_PilgrimGreying_Pilgrim Forumite
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    Ha ha ha, I don't think I'm ever going to recommend a book again - far too nerve wracking wondering whether y'all will think it pants........ :rotfl:

    So the batch cooking (such as it was) is completed and put into me *liketupperware* and popped in the freezer.

    The *Big Bag* tatties are finally in at the Farmer's Mercantile. They are reasonably priced, as ever (more or less direct from the farm gate), so I plumped for 2 bags of *Wilja* which cost £7. For 50kg of spud - oh yass, I'll be having me summar them :D Ok, so they are *mud on* specimens (and dearest Pippi will tell you them's the best, as them are keepers :D), but 14 pence a kilo? I don't mind if I do :D We got a bag for the parentals too. So a fruitful trip out.

    On the way back, we called in at a little chazzer shop that I'd not been into before, it's only been there for..... oh, 2 years or so....... :o Picked up an item of clothing for BG for the princely sum of 49p, still in the original pack with a plastic doo-dad through, denoting it'd not been used........ :j

    I'm going to make runner bean curry, using the Cambodian Aubergine recipe, but substituting the runner beans in, in place of the aubergine and green beans. Hopefully it will work. I am pretty bad at using recipes as 'guidelines' or starting points, and wandering off and doing my own thing. Which is ok, but makes it difficult to replicate if you come up with summat tasty....... :o:rotfl:

    Right, mustache, before the dal sticks to the bottom of me pan...... :o

    Greying X
  • beanieloubeanielou Forumite
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    Hurrah for bargains at the charity shop :j
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  • Greying_PilgrimGreying_Pilgrim Forumite
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    Good Morning :hello:

    Hurrah indeed for barginacious finds beanie :D Hope you are well :D

    Well, the curry worked out well last night. I do like the Kroeung curry paste - very flavourful. So whilst my runner beans were literally just presented in a kreoung & coconut flavoured sauce, it did make a very nice curry. I've used up the last of the gifted runner beans, used bits and bobs out of the freezer eg spice paste and coriander stalks and the storecupboard - rice and some lentils for the accompanying dhal. All in all a 'thrifty' and delicious tea :j

    I forgot to say that I had had a phone call 'out of the blue' the other day, from someone purporting to be from the bank I am chasing CCP from. Whilst I have no doubt that they were genuine, I'm afraid that I dislike talking about such matters over the phone, especially when the phone call was borderline unsolicited. I was asked if it would be OK to answer some additional questions. And I asked could they be put in writing? The operative was very polite, and said they could certainly do that. So the point of this ramble, is just to say that I found them to be very accommodating. I'm happy to answer pertinent questions, having already completed one questionnaire for them...... but would prefer to not be called up unexpectedly to answer them. But just for the sake of asking, I found that they are happy to write to me.

    I have discovered an alternative way to make donations to the food bank. It is actually for a different FB, but one that operates in another part of Greying County. I've no problem with that, wherever there is need, right? I will also be able to donate weekly, and won't have to go out of my way. I can combine trips. I'm hopeful that this will encourage me to be inventive with my grocery budget, and be able to take something each week :D

    Tea this evening is 'mystery tucker' - as I've certainly no fish & chips stashed away in the freezer. I'll put my thinking cap on. It will depend on what we end up doing. DH has said we can 'go out', but we've little in the way of picnic grub, and everywhere I come up with to go and see, is tending to gravitate towards one end of Greying County, where I know there are extensive road closures. What is it about the law of attraction? :rotfl:

    Coffee cup is drained, and it sounds like there is mucho fun being had elsewhere in the towers, so I'm going to follow the giggle trail, and see what I can find :D

    Ta for popping in. Appreciated. Greatly.

    Greying X
  • in_need_of_directionin_need_of_direction Forumite
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    Loving the giggle trail.
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  • Have a lovely day x
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