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Business Restructure and Accepting Alternative Terms in New Role


This forum has helped me so much in the past and am sure can assist in this query. The company I work for is re-structuring and I have been offered a new role with a reduced package (lower salary and no car allowance). I'm minded to accept as it seems to be in a growing area of the business but would need to re-adjust my finances and return a salary sacrifice car as could no longer afford it.

My current contract has 3 months notice and the expectation is that I will start the new role at the beginning of the month (1st November). Obviously this is a really tight timescale to re-organise my finances, return the car and source a new one.

Can anyone advise on the specifics in respect of accepting a new package and whether my long notice period has any legal sway in providing a transition to the new position?

Is it simply the case that the transition period and reduction in salary is up for negotiation?

I also believe there is a one month trial period after which I could still accept the redundancy if things didn't work out. On this basis it would seem reasonable to retain my current package until the end of this period and then accept the role on the new terms if it works out for 1st December.

Thanks in advance for any information / advice.


  • You can insist on your notice period yes. But equally the employer can say that you are redundant! It is up to your and the employer to negotiate the middle ground. If you are moving to the new role then it is just as reasonable for them to say that this is on the new package. So I am afraid it is between you and them - what you (or they) think is reasonable is irrelevant. They are in a position to say what the conditions of this offer are, and if you don't want it, you can refuse it. So anything "better" than that would have to be negotiated by you. Otherwise you have to accept their terms.
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    Thanks for the quick response Sangie and you've confirmed my thoughts. I'm grateful to have something given the scale of the re-structure and trust we can agree some middle ground that is reasonable.
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