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Under 26? Nab theatrical bargains galore for a tenner or less

'Hi. My name's Rosie and I'm a theatre addict. There, I've said it. And while I love sitting in a dark room full of strangers watching people pretend to be other people, I'm not a fan of the hefty price tag that often comes with it...'

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    Hello, my name is Lauren and I'm an opera addict!

    I was a student in London, the best opera bargains for a posh night out are:

    Royal opera house do £10 student tickets. These are often released at very short notice (the day before or so) and sell out very quickly -but cheaper than a cinema ticket for world class entertainment! You can book up to two tickets per performance online and you need to bring student ID on the night. they also do a graduate discounted price tickets for afterwards (tho not as good as £10 a ticket!) Search: 'roh students'

    The coliseum, home to the English national opera do an access all arias scheme for 16-29 yet olds. You can book two tickets for most performances for £10-30 and these can be booked months in advance usually so more accessible for non-london dwellers! Search: 'eno AAA '

    The Mayflower theatre in Southampton has a selected number of £40ish opera tickets for £5 each for under 30's. These have to be booked in person at the box office with Id (and your intended guests I'd). However, I have recently booked tickets for performances 6 months in advance! Tickets are for performances from the welsh national opera and in the dress circle (third price ticket category). It may be worth looking at your local theatres if they also do something similar! Search: Mayflower/what's on la boheme (details on page under pricing and discounts)

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