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Make £10 a day October 2016 Everybody Welcome



  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    Nice to see the regulars back again and some new people too. Here's to a great moneymaking month for all of us:beer:

    Looks like lots of fun times ahead for some of you with new homes, weddings and holidays on the horizon:j. Sending good vibes to everyone who has these important things to plan (and pay for;)):beer:

    Lynne, please put me down for the usual £10 please. Thanks for helping with the thread again:A

    Aesop, thanks for starting off this month's challenge:A. I hope your cold gets better very soon:coffee:

    I've actually made some money on day one:eek:. Will be back when I've worked out how much it is.
  • JenRMJenRM Forumite
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    Err, please could someone tell me where September went?!

    Please could you put me down for £5 a day.

    Off to a better start this month,banked £22.83 of loose change which had been hanging round in a jar for ages.

    Happy October everybody :)

    £22.83/ £155
  • wifey27wifey27 Forumite
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    Can I join again this month please? £6 to start me off from eB*y sales.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    TheBanker wrote: »
    I have slipped off the wagon. But the "C" word is looming so I am back!

    I know what you mean! It's normally way too soon for me to be thinking about Christmas but I did a tabletop sale this morning and decided to sell some Christmassy stuff that I'd had packed away from last year when I was too slow off the mark to get them sold:o. It all went including Christmas carol CDs, wrapping paper and some really naff Christmas coasters:j. I'll be seeing if I can root out anything else for next weekend ,it's obviously never too early for people to snap up Christmas bits and bobs;)

    Made £73.85 after fees from the sale so I'm thrilled:j

    Also received £16 claimed from MySurvey.
  • RosieRosie Forumite
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    £2.50 coupon used in farmfoods today to start me off
    Jan £10 a day £326.75/£310
  • SystemSystem Community Admin
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    Community Admin
    I'm in too please. I'll aim for £310 this month. Managed £50.50 last month, so room for improvement, but pleased as it was my first month
  • Talia1Talia1 Forumite
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    Please add in me in for £10 a day, circumstances change which has meant I'm earning extra but trying hard to keep up with everything else, will post my September total tomorrow and start the October push.

    Good luck to everyone on thread this month and big thanks to Aesop and Lynn for their ongoing information and updating and to everyone for their continued efforts in making me realise that every little bit help, pennies make pounds.
    The 365 day 1p Challenge 2023 ~60 £0/667.95
    Save £2023 in 2023 0/£2023

  • AesopAesop Forumite
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    Connor1234 wrote: »
    not sure if I'm too late but I'll have a go at £10 a day, my first time trying it but I might as well aim high!

    (is it cheating that I've already got a few ebay auctions from last month ending this month?) I wanted a bit of a run up so to speak

    Not at all on both counts. hello and welcome. that's good planning on your part.
  • AesopAesop Forumite
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    Smiley87 wrote: »
    £10 a day target for me again please. Up early to list some bits and make a plan of action for October because it's going to be a busy month for me...hopefully we'll be moving into our new home :happyhear:happyhear:happyhear

    Yay :j hope so and happy moving
  • AesopAesop Forumite
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    MrsTinks wrote: »
    I'm in for £150 for the month as I'm away for two weeks �� No chance I'll be trying to earn on holiday hehehe

    have a lovely holiday when you are away x
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