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    Both Boston and Fogarty come under the same address!? which begs the question are Fogarty using the name Boston to sell Fogartys seconds?
    I am from another planet :eek: but its ok they know me there
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    What a bargain! I bought the 10.5tog duvet and two standard pillows for £14.61 (£2.99 delivery included) and I'm really pleased with the quality. Ordered last Tuesday and arrived today, had an email telling me they would be delivered between 2.50pm and 3.50pm with the option of a text alert when they were about to deliver. Can't fault the goods or service, very happy customer :T

    MSE Sarah[/QUOTE]
  • Interestingly the 10.5 tog double duvet was £10.50 pre discount code the offer has ended the standard price shown is £9.00 so not so much of a saving. I have seen countless times that 'special deals' links take you to pages set up showing only certain deals and the items do not show on the sellers normal website. Once the offer period is over the items appear on the main website showing a price little different to the 'sale' price. I wonder if this is happening here?
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    I believe that £9.00 is the price of the single duvet. They have sold all the available doubles.
  • Duck duvet and pillows have arrived, duvet is dirty, stinks and has made in China label. Pillows are thin and flimsy. I am not happy! Have emailed them.
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    Still not received my order after ordering on 28th September.
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    Ordered various pillows and duvets on the 28th Sept, arrived yesterday.

    Everything in their own sealed plastic packaging and all clean, good quality. Very pleased.

    Had both an email and text yesteday morning to confirm the delivery by UK Mail.
  • I bought from Boston Duvet (Fogarty) last offer.

    They lost the first shipment, sent a replacement shipment, which was incorrect.
    I gave up and just accepted what they felt like sending me.

    I will not use them again, up to you
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    vandanfc wrote: »
    Still not received my order after ordering on 28th September.

    My order did eventually turn up. Everything was sealed and brand new, branded Fogarty, so happy in the end.
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    I used the code in September to buy a new mattress topper. I was impressed with the service and quality of the product. I'm going to use the latest code to buy a pair of feather pillows. Good find MSE this is a site I will go back to whenever there's a code. With the latest code for my pillows in effect it's free delivery. Happy customer
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