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    I bought 4 easy care pillows and the combination duvet for my parents. The duvet is fine although the fabric is very soft and thin so it will likely be prone to wear and tear/breaking. My mum has not used it yet as she is afraid the dog will rip the duvet fabric when he jumps/sleeps on the bed. This gives another opinion on how fragile the fabric appears. I have an IKEA duvet of about £20 and the fabric is strong and resilient.

    The easy care pillows were a waste of money. They look pumped up (like those Grade A Chickens which you thought meant and looked like quality) but in actual fact, they are so thin and compressable that one is so uncomfortable to sleep on that you need to double up. Maybe this is fine for you fancy people who sleep with two pillows and have no problem looking forward to neck issues in a few years but not me! You can get 2 pillows of £10 from TKMAXX to do a better job separately that these two do together. I am going to have to throw these in the bin and actually go to TKMAXX for replacements.

    Whilst the price seems 'cheap' and you are told it's 'luxury' *cough* quality; if rich people are paying for thin fragile fabrics and super cheap foam void of any density and usability except for wall insulation, then they must be the most stupid people ever. I recommend instead, going down to TKMAXX, see and feel the quality of the products there and know that anything you buy there is likely superior quality to the lower end of what Boston offer.
  • Why can the products not be delivered to Northern Ireland?, we are part of the UK after all.
    I emailed The Boston Duvet and Pillow company directly with this query a few months ago and said that I was prepared to pay extra for delivery to NI.
    They have not had even the courtesy to reply to my email.
  • :( Don't ship to Northern Ireland, Highlands & Islands, etc...........
  • Tried to place an order but apparently they don't deliver to my address!
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    Google warning saying site is unsecure and may contain malware!
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    No duvets in King size :(
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    site not working 404 not found.

    Been trying to get a single duvet since this morning.:(
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    I don't know about the integrity of 'Peta', but I don't need to; the brief information they have provided, in conjunction with the information posted to this thread, will tell anyone who wants to know exactly how this bargain works.

    Thanks to Anglicanpat for providing the link.
  • Because I have an IV postcode, I am deemed to live in The Highlands & Islands of Scotland, hence, usually have to pay extra for delivery of goods. however, this company does not even offer the option. i do not live in either The Highlands OR The Islands and this idiotic perception that somehow it is difficult to make deliveries to my area makes my blood boil.
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    what's in the 'super soft' , 'soft and comfy' , 'warm and cosy', 'winter' , 'lightweight' etc i can't see any explanations?
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