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Think Telecom

Has anyone come across / got any experience of these people?

got cold called. As a small business they reckon they can offer a better deal that coms to around £30 per month - broadband, line rental, phone calls.

Always suspicious and "if it looks too good to be true then it is too good to be true" I'd like to here about anyone's experiences before I get suckered in


  • Johnfletcher
    I was cold called by them in August stressing the Telecom and not the think, assuming it was BT who I had been with for over 50 years I agreed to a better package, when the paperwork arrived it became apparent that it was Think Telecom, after almost a month from the due start date I still had no broadband, hours and hours on the phone and nothing. I told them I was leaving and stopping the standing order only to be informed that I would be charged £190 cancilation fee and £90 admin charge. I stopped it anyway but am now unable to go with another supplier as they still have a tag on
    The line. Don't touch them with a bargepoll.
  • Hi I was cold called last week and after poor bt service took them up on their cheap rates. They are certainly not worse than bt and probably a bit better, at least I can speak to UK based customer service if I ever have problems and at half the price of bt
  • Palindrome
    With Think Telecom you get what you pay for (or don't)
    Monday-Friday Helpdesk - daytime working hours and Saturday morning - great if you have problems any other time
    A Zyxel AMG1302 DSL Modem - as recently hacked - 100,000 Talk Talk and 50,000 Post Office Customers at risk (see BBC web site)

    My neighbour (age 82) was recently conned into changing from BT and has swapped a slow but stable Broadband for a very slow and unstable service with poor wifi which can't reach the room that an old BT Hub 3 could reach. She thought her Laptop was faulty until I tested it with my BT service.

    The modem isn't plug and play like BT's (nor probably Sky's). Ring the Helpdesk with setup problems and they get you to go into the Hub Admin menu and it's nothing like the latest BT Hub's menus which are simple. I'm ok with the Zyxel because I've had years of playing, but is likely beyond most people.

    Also Think have just written to my neighbour saying that they are moving her to Daisy - whoever they are !. So looks like another name change is in the pipeline.

    Her account number starts TTG, so I assume this is just Think Telecom reselling Talk Talk Group's Broadband - 'Nuff said really..

    If you want good cheap Broadband don't use Think - go to top rated Plusnet (which is BT) or Sky or BT (who have some good deals at the moment)
  • Ian011
    Ian011 Posts: 2,432 Forumite
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    Daisy is the telecoms company that had thousands of NHS GP practices using premium rate 0844 numbers. This, after having bought out NEG - the company that started that off.
  • Mister_G
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    Daisy are also the company who provide SSE's broadband service and there's been an awful lot of complaints about slow speeds and excessive throttling.
  • Alan1157
    Stupidly switched to Think Telecom in Feb this year after a problem with BT and a price increase. Think promised the earth for both broadband and excellent customer service. They failed on both counts as the new broadband would not work and was offline for weeks whilst they tried to resolve (eventually replaced the box) the problem. Customer service is 9-5 weekdays and sadly very poor. Have now been advised by them in Sept 2017 (8 months later) that despite their assurances of no BT exit fees, that they actually cant stop BT fees after all. Net result is they say I need to go back to BT???? How bad is that! BEWARE
  • PeterChap
    I was "cold called" by Think Telecom who seemed to know all about my BT phone / Broadband accounts.
    They were able to tel me what I was paying (unable to confirm as was away from home).
    They then gave me a verbal quote for them to take over the whole package at around 1/2 the price they stated I was paying BT. Received an e-mail stating my new monthly cost but no details as to what was to be provided.
    These details were only available once I had signed up. Confirmation letter arrived but was significantly more expensive than the E-Mail they had sent me. Also significant parts of My BT package were missing even though they had stated these would be included. Contacted BT regarding the missing parts and found that Think Telecom could not provide this service even though they had expressly stated they could.
    The bottom line is that it turned out to be vastly more expensive to have Think telecom "cherry pick" those parts they could supply and remain with BT for the rest.
    Phoned Think telecom to cancel but the person responsible was not available and did not phone back. Phoned them again 3 hours later and told them to cancel the move. Subsequently sent them 5 e-mails instructing them to cancel the move but, after several days, BT claim this cancellation instruction has not been passed on to them.
    This is a "hard sell" company that does everything over the phone and only sends out paper confirmation once they have "signed you up".
    Ended up some £20 per month cheaper to stay with BT rather than move to Think Telecom and pay BT for the services that Think Telecom promised to include but were not included in the written confirmation letter
  • PeterChap
    Update to my earlier post.
    After numerous E-Mails (none replied to) and several phone calls I eventually got through to the "Compliance manager".
    I went through all my E-mails that I had sent to them and the discrepancies between what they had promised, the price they had confirmed in their E-Mail to me and the higher prices in their subsequent letter to me. The manager insisted these were of "no consequence" and the parts of the BT package that were omitted from their letter did not matter as they insisted I was not leaving BT. BT disputed this and stated that Think Telecom had served notice on them to terminate 1 of my phone lines. Think telecom insist they had served notice to terminate all of my phone lines.
    The Think Telecom manager became very aggressive when challenged on the discrepancies and stated this was all due to BT lying.
    He stated many things would happen now that I have decided to continue with BT. BT have confirmed in writing that what he stated would happen and the resulting price increases would not actually happen.
    Glad that I was able to get away from Think Telecom as once they have "signed you up" they are virtually uncontactable and dont return phone calls or respond to E-Mails.
  • PeterChap
    Update to my post of the 15th Feb 2018.
    On the 19th Feb 2018 Think telecom succeeded in an "illegal" transfer of my internet from BT to themselves.
    Thinktelecom have failed to respond to numerous phone calls hence a formal complaint to OFCOM and then the Communications Ombudsman.
    On the 1st March I have now got a temporary internet after threatening Thinktelecom with legal proceedings and hopefully will get my BT internet restored around mid march.
    Thinktelecom completely ignored my phone calls untill they were presented with the Communications Ombudsman's case number and even then it took more threats of legal action before I got my internet back.
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