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Coop cashminder to current account

I currently have a co-op cashminder account if I apply for the Co-op current account £150 switch offer would I be eligible for it as there's nothing very clear on their website, I do have 4 DD

Many thanks


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    To get the bonus, you must use the CASS (Current Account Switching Service), which can only be used between difference banks, not for changing the type of account you have with a given bank.

    If you want the bonus, you need to set up a current account incl 4 DDs) somewhere else and switch that.
  • Curious, hope you don't mind the question do you have Cashminder account because of a DMP or such? Reason for asking, I finished a DMP two years ago and have had the Cashminder account for seven years. Ideally I would have liked a Santander 123 account now but was turned down, despite having a very healthy bank balance now the DMP is over and £25,000 savings account. I would like a card to use on the London buses and some shops, obviously the Cashminder one is not a "tap and pay" one, so I went into my Co-Op bank today and was kind of shocked to be told they cannot upgrade the account to a normal Co-Op account. Does anyone know if there is a basic account that does have "Tap and pay"? I don't need any form of credit card or overdraft with the savings and pay I have.
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  • Nationwide is a good bet.

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    Nationwide is a good bet.


    Nationwide basic does look like what I am wanting from Co-Op but because I do have the Co-Op account it sounds like Nationwide would not let me have it as it says "they let people who do not have current accounts" have it and no doubt the next one up/down? Would be another non starter when they do a credit search.
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  • I sorted my problem with the Cashminder account not having the pay with wi-fi symbol in shops and on TFL. Co Op sent an email about adding a card to my iPhone. Wondering if they would allow the Cashminder account to be used, I tried adding it and it worked so I will sit out the next four years until I can upgrade to a better bank account. It will be just in time for my retirement :j so I can start afresh with a different bank and have the Pension money go in.
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