MoneySaving Poll: Should the BBC have fought harder to keep Bake Off?

Poll started 13 September 2016

Should the BBC have fought harder to keep Bake Off?

The BBC has lost huge ratings winner The Great British Bake Off (it’s moving to Channel 4). It follows similar defections including The Voice and Formula One.

So should the BBC have risen to the challenge to keep Bake Off, or was it right to not lets its bottom line go soggy?

What is closest to your view?

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  • SailorSamSailorSam Forumite
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    If they're cutting back on some of the highly paid presenters, who are also successful in pushing up the ratings, how can they try and out-bid another channel for one programme.
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  • Where's the "Never seen it; couldn't care less" option? It's not really a meaningful vote without it!
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    No as much as I do love the show the BBC have a responsibility to spend the fee wisely.

    I cannot see it having the same success on C4(two presenters already leaving) and it may well be back on the BBC at some point.
  • TigsteroonieTigsteroonie Forumite
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    Elyss wrote: »
    Where's the "Never seen it; couldn't care less" option? It's not really a meaningful vote without it!
    Here, here. MSE have missed an option on their poll - "couldn't give a stuff"
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  • mjm3346mjm3346 Forumite
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    Where's the "any money spent on it is too much, I'll be happy to see the back of it" option

    Hopefully now people have to pay to watch catch-up on the BBC it will no longer be considered a "free to air" option for listed sporting events so not showing them should bring in even bigger savings than getting rid of Bake off.
  • That's what happens when you don't make your own TV programmes, the BBC used to be the best in the world at making programmes, now I don't think I could even name one that they make themselves so they leave themself open to market prices.
  • No they can't be held to ransom by the program makers.

    I believe the program makers will regret their decision.
  • EctophileEctophile Forumite
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    Competitive cake baking shouldn't be interesting, but somehow it managed to be enthralling.

    It sounds like the programme makers got greedy and just wanted too much money from the BBC. They have already lost Mel and Sue so we'll have to see if it's even worth watching on channel 4.
    If it sticks, force it.
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  • What is this obsession that modern Britain has with watching other people cook? It's cheap television and has driven down the programming quality of drama, film and investment in live sport.

    Has anyone who is obsessed with such programming ever thought: hmm, I wonder what the food actually tastes like? But you can't actually taste the food because shock horror, you are watching it on a TV screen.

    And then, even if you could taste it, you may like it. But. Wait for it! Somebody else may not like it! Why? Because everybody is different and has different tastes. Come on people, start thinking independently and stop believing everything that is blurred out from your televisions.

    The lack of objectivity in cooking programmes is laughable. Two male judges on Masterchef for example. How subjective is that when there is a pretty blonde in the final? How about a third female judge? And just because 'experts' like Paul Hollywood and Greg Wallace like a nice Victoria Sponge, I still have the freedom of choice to choose or bake something else I prefer.

    I really do not give a monkeys whether Bake Off is on the BBC or Channel 4. I would much rather my licence fee money is invested in other things. I also expect better from such a good website like MSE. What a silly poll.
  • kathrynhakathrynha Forumite
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    I love GBBO and I am sad it's going to channel 4, but I think the production company got too greedy. The BBC offered them double what they had paid before for it, but the production company wanted 3.5 times what they had previously got for it. The BBC were right not to spend so much.

    I think the production company are going to regret their greediness, as without Mel and Sue, I don't think the program has a future. It won't get the viewing figures on channel 4, therefore it won't get the advertising revenue, and it will be gone in a couple of seasons.
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