Vanguard LS60 which isa provider?


I am looking into a s&s isa and am interested in the Vanguard LS60 fund. Can anybody offer an opinion on the best provider, that would allow regular payments at around £300pm. I do not have any other holdings to transfer in.

Thank you.



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    If you are looking to do something as above and don't require a lot of bells and whistles, the best way is to use the cheapest provider.

    Charles Stanley looks good, 0.25% annual fee. I use HL and they charge 0.45%, I just use them as they are more convenient on a few things e.g. US shares.
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    I hold Vanguard LS60 and have been holding with Cavendish who charge the same I think as Charles Stanley. Cavendish were great but they use the Fidelity platform. That is ok for a smaller holding but I have just reached £45k and intend investing a substantial part of my OHs lump sum over the next 6 months so have moved my holdings to Halifax as they are cheaper for larger holdings. They seem fine so far. As snowqueen says use the compare my platform tool for your particular circumstances.
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    Quite a good comparison tool here:

    I have my VLS with Halifax Sharedealing. Might not be my absolute cheapest option but I am reasonably happy with them for my needs.
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    Cheers guys, I'll take a closer look at Halifax.
  • Can I just ask why you are going with the LS60? If you're drip feeding in £300 a month, that suggests this is a long term saving? I recently set up my first savings plan but went LS100 based on risk / growth potential. Is it just a personal choice for your circumstances?
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    Hi Love-Actuary,

    Yes it is a long term plan 10-15 years, but the money is money that would have otherwise been used to over pay the mortgage. So with that in mind I would rather have a lower risk.
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    I use CSD, very pleased with them.
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