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Has anyone here been affected by the Lowcostholidays disaster? I'm a Barclays customer and paid for my holiday accommodation with my debit card, after following MSE advice I applied for a chargeback refund after LCH went into administration. Nearly 40 days later I still haven't even had a response from Barclays. At least 5 phone calls have left me even moe frustrated as I've had some really rude call centre staff to deal with, also they say 'you'll hear from us in 10 days' then it was '14 days'then '20 days' now it's at '24 days' just to receive a letter!

Meanwhile on social media ALL other UK banks are refunding their customers, I see tweets daily thanking ALL banks (except Barclays) for their refunds. All the tweets to Barclays regarding this issue are negative.

It seems amazing to me that one of the biggest banks in the UK are treating their customers so badly. Would love to hear other people's experiences with this issue.


  • Trigger their complaints procedure formally.
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    A real shame you didn't pay by credit card.

    As PeacefulWaters says, log a formal complaint.
    : )
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    Log a complaint, once you get your refund switch to a proper bank.:beer:
  • Complaint logged. No matter the outcome, I'm 100% leaving Barclays after 30 years, shocked at how they have handled this.
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    The cynic in me would say they are trying to drag their heels until the 120 days are up.
  • I'm having the same issues re Barclays (though Halifax are also dragging their heels and won't respond to emails - i paid my deposit on my halifax credit card)

    Despite logging all my paperwork with Barclays soon after LCH went bust, I heard nothing for weeks. Called them after one month to be told by a VERY rude woman that they had been "inundated" and wouldn't be able to make a decision until September 20th. I was due to fly on the 2nd of September.

    She also said a letter had been "actioned" a few days before saying this...funny, never received this letter!

    My other friends (who i'm holidaying with) got their money back from Lloyds in 8 days! They also paid on a debit card.

    Why is it always so blooming hard for a corporate to just do what it is supposed to do?!!

  • Same really abissmal service from Barlcays.
    I call every few days only to receive fob offs, distractions and miss- information.
    They are clearly up to something different to other banks that they do not want to tell their customers.

    My claim now into week six and it took them 5 weeks to ask me for more information, despite 4 prompts from me, asking me to prove that my hotel was not paid by lowcostholidays - !! really !! Common knowledge lowcost business model was to pay your hotel bill after your stay not before. Another devious attempt to worm out of refunding customers.

    Now been told to wait another two weeks then phone back.

    After 25years with Barclays they are a hairs width from losing all my banking business.
    If diss-satisfied you can complain but I am certain that will just receive a corporate BS response of we did nothing wrong, so vote with your business and our wallets.
    I would advise people not to tell Barclays they are willing to move their business if they are not prepared to actually do it though.

    Endevour and do not give up

    Glen Wells
  • It's almost as if there's been some event which has meant that banks are dealing with a backlog of cases, which has caused delays...

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    miller wrote: »
    The cynic in me would say they are trying to drag their heels until the 120 days are up.

    surely that wont matter as the claim has been made within 120 days?
  • To gingerFurball

    Any other pearls of wisdom or do you only contribute uselss unhelpful and quite frankly spiteful comments??
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